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YEP Training Programme

An important part of the Young Experts Programme (YEP) is the provided professional training & coaching. As YEP Programmes, we offer an intensive training programme to support Young Experts with their personal development. The programme includes a start and return training and a wide range of online masterclasses, as well as coaching from a professional YEP coach. Below we will shortly introduce the training, background, and learning tracks to you. Click here for a full overview of the training programme.



The 3 pillars

The individual and collective training programme is focused on Young Experts’ personal development and serves as an extra boost the start their international career. Making a change starts within yourself. The training programme Young Experts follow is focused on several areas of development:

  • Individual Development
  • Collective Development
  • Networking & Innovation


Learning tracks

The three areas of development all come together in the learning tracks. The YEP training programme consists of 5 learning tracks which together allow Young Experts to become versatile professionals. Click here to see the YEP Learning Tracks.

Track 1 | Context - helps you to navigate your local and new contexts.

Track 2 | Communication - prepares you to apply communication in your day-to-day work.

Track 3 | Personal Development - allows you to improve who you are as a person and a professional.

Track 4 | Intercultural Leadership Track - makes you an effective leader across cultures.

Track 5 | Entrepreneurship - unlocks the entrepreneur within you



The elements of the YEP Training Programme

On the job

The biggest part of learning will take place on the job, where Young Experts will develop most of their skills. By working on projects, collaborating with colleagues, partners and stakeholders, and being part of the organisation, they will gain valuable tacit knowledge. The supervisor and mentor play a key role in fostering the learning experience of the Young Experts on the job by providing feedback and advice. 

Start and return training

The core of the YEP Training Programme are the start and return training in which the professional trainings are given. In these weeks the Young Experts jointly follow trainings on a wide range of topics with the aim of implementing what they have learned on the job. This is also the time where Young Experts form strong connections with the fellow Young Experts in their batch.


Young Experts are assigned a coach by the YEP Programme Bureau to work on their learning targets. He or she will support them in their development. With help from their coach Young Experts will write their Personal Development Plan (PDP), which is the guiding document for their development during the programme.

YEP Online Masterclasses

During their secondment Young Experts have the opportunity to participate in various YEP Online Masterclasses. These masterclasses typically last 6 weeks and take approximately 2 hours per week for going through learning materials and making assignments. Every masterclass has a slightly different setup with a variety of learning materials: reading, videos, case studies, schematics, frameworks, and templates.

Intervision Weekends (optional)

Young Experts have the opportunity to organise ‘intervision weekends’ with their fellow Young Experts deployed within the same regions. In these weekends Young Experts come together for local or regional training courses and meetings and share experiences, connect with each other and reflect on their YEP experience.

Communities of Practice (CoPs) (optional)

Every Young Expert has the opportunity to initiate a Community of Practice about a specific topic with fellow Young Experts, interested in this topic. Alternatively, they can join an already existing Community of Practice. In these communities they can share knowledge about certain (sub)topics and collaboratively enhance knowledge.

YEP Online Meetup (YOM)

Through the YEP Online Meetups (YOMs) Young Experts get the opportunity to exchange experiences with other Young Experts and learn from each other. These YOMs are organised both per batch and with all Young Experts together.


In the video below Suzanne Faber shares her experiences on being a Young Expert, the YEP training sessions and coaching!


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