Young Experts

Selection process

Young Experts

The Young Expert Programmes are open to Dutch Young Experts and Local Young Experts from any of the eligible countries. There is a difference in the selection progress for both. Local Young Experts apply by approaching Dutch organisations, who conduct their own selection progress. They are subsequently included in the project application by the organisation as the preferred candidate. Dutch Young Experts can similarly approach Dutch organisations or apply directly to a position when new vacancies are posted online.

Dutch Young Experts

Step 1
Submit motivation letter and CV; either for a position, or an open application

The first step of the selection process starts when you submit your CV (max. 2 pages) and motivation letter (1 page)*. Three times a year, you can apply for positions, which are posted on the Application page. At those times it is then also possible to submit an open application; the initial procedure is the same for both. Make sure to conduct the self test prior to submitting an application to find out whether you are eligible.

* The motivation letter should explain your motivation for the position, as well as your motivation for joining YEP. The project positions will include a link to the application form.

Step 2
YEP programme bureau assesses submitted CVs

The YEP Programme bureau will assess the submitted CVs based on their competences, which can be found in the Young Experts guidelines document. The most suitable candidates will be invited for the next step.

Step 3
Speed dating session

After the initial assessment the YEP Programme Bureau hosts a speed dating session with approved candidates, where you will be individually assessed on your knowledge, motivation, communication skills and other topics through a series of short interviews. After this session you will receive feedback and the programme bureau decides whether you will be matched with a proposal, added to the pool of potential candidates, or rejected.

Step 4
Potential Young Experts are suggested to the organisations

After the speed dating session, the YEP Bureau matches the selected potential Young Experts with project positions. These candidates are shared with the organisations who take up the next step.

Step 5
Organisations choose the best suitable candidate

Usually multiple potential Young Experts are suggested for a position, and the organisation will choose the best suitable candidate. They usually conduct additional interviews in order to choose.

Step 6
You are included in a pool of potential Young Experts

If you have passed the speed dating session, but could not be matched with a project, or if the organisation chose another Young Expert, you will be added to the pool of potential Young Experts. This means that the next time positions are available you do not have to pass the selection process again and you will receive the new positions before they are posted online. The YEP Bureau may use this pool to match projects with potential Young Experts, but you should always re-apply for specific positions. It is important to note that the Programme bureau cannot guarantee a position in the YEP Programmes once you are included in the candidate pool: this depends on the projects available and whether they fit your profile and preferences.

Dutch Young Experts: It is also possible to be suggested for a project as a preferred candidate. In this case, you first pass the selection process of the Dutch organisation, after which you will be assessed by the YEP Bureau.

Local Young Experts

Step 1
Approach/be approached by a Dutch organisation to create a YEP position

Recruitment of local Young Expert candidates occurs initially through the selection process of the organisation submitting the application. You should therefore approach Dutch organisations to employ you, or be approached by a Dutch organisation. A list of Dutch organisations is available at the Dutch embassy in your country. It is also possible that you already work for the Dutch organisation which submits the application.

Step 2
Complete the selection process of the Dutch employer

The Dutch organisation has its own selection process through which they select their preferred candidate. For more information, please ask the organisation for more information on the process.

Step 3
YEP programme bureau assesses the project

If you have passed the selection process of the organisation, they will submit the project application and include your CV and Motivation letter for the YEP position. The Programme Bureau assesses the submitted project application on the criteria first. It is possible that the application by the organisation is rejected and the process stops here.

Step 4
YEP programme bureau assesses your CV and motivation letter

If the project is accepted, the YEP programme bureau assesses your CV (max. 2 pages) and motivation letter (1 page)*, using the criteria in order to determine whether you match all of the criteria. You can take the self test and check our criteria to make sure you are eligible to apply.

* The motivation letter should explain your motivation for the position, as well as your motivation for joining YEP.

Step 5
Skype interview

Finally, the YEP Programme bureau will schedule a Skype call with you to ensure you are a suitable candidate. During this interview you will be individually assessed on your knowledge, motivation, communication skills and other topics. If you are accepted for the position, the organisation will be informed.

Young Experts