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Michiel Wolthuis

Michiel Wolthuis

History: Young Expert at Soil & More International B.V. - Ethiopia
YEP period 2014 - 2016, batch 4

Position after YEP

Manager Operation a.i. at Tradin Organic, the Netherlands

YEP Role

Through the Young Expert Programme Water I was working as a Operational manager at Soil and More Ethiopia in Ziway. Soil & More Ethiopia engages in the production and sales of high quality compost in Ethiopia. The project planned to process 50,000MT of green waste from the flower farms into compost. Soil & More is a social company and we work together with different NGO's to provide sustainability services to (smallholder) farmers. Our mission was to measurably improve the sustainability performance of agricultural production systems and global supply-chains and to promote and support a sustainable development towards healthy soils, healthy products, and healthy people.


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I am keen to work on cross-sectoral sustainability challenges in an international environment. With a background in system and civil engineering I pursue systematic and pragmatic thinking. I developed project and change management skills in a financial environment. My contribution is characterized by being goal oriented, getting and keeping people connected, and motivating people by enthusiasm.



Nationality: Dutch

  • Master of Science Civil Engineering, Watermanagement at Delft University of Technology. Specialization: Water Resources Management (Extra courses in Civil Engineering in developing countries and Technology and Global Development)
  • Bachelor of Science in System engineering, Policy analysis and Management at Delft University of Technology. Specialization: Energy, Water and Industry (Extra courses in hydrology and conflict resolution and negotiation)

Experience before YEP

  • Within Rabobank International Corporate Clients Netherlands I was responsible for formulating and embedding the sustainability strategy into the organization. Project and change manager of tools, workshops and other related sustainability projects
  • Corporate Management Trainee at Rabobank Nederland with a focus on sustainability, food and agriculture and renewable energy
  • Researcher and teacher at the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam, department Civil Engineering. Focus on water in urban environments. Also active as freelance researcher for all the waterboards concerning drought and peat levees
  • Graduate intern at DHV Consultancy and Engineering to perform my Msc. Thesis: Unembanked areas - A risk assessment approach. Focusing on cost efficiency of structural and non-structural flood management measures
  • Research intern at project office Jakarta, Indonesia (DHV, Deltares, etc,) to assess watermanagement issues and solutions for the urban development of the Jakarta region
  • Research intern at Daryeel foundation, Berbera, Somaliland to develop a drinking water company to purify drinking water from sea water with reverse osmosis based on wind energy
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Organisation: Soil & More International B.V.
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