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Nadine Arce Haanraadts

Nadine Arce Haanraadts

History: Young Expert at Waste - Mozambique
YEP period 2015 - 2017, batch 6

Position after YEP

WASH/Sanitation/Inclusive finance/Private sector development/Impact Investment

YEP Role

In the role of business advisor I supported UNICEF in developing sustainable sanitation through the diamond approach, with emphasis on private sector development and innovative financing. The diamond approach encourages and supports building local partnerships and cooperation in providing ‘sanitation for all’. The objective of this project was to increase the economic potential of 355.000 people, through enhanced sanitation facilities and business development. Activities a.o carry out needs assessment & stakeholder analysis, organize workshops, provide (technical) trainings, define technology options, introduce new financial products, support developing loan- schemes and repayment procedures, design marketing campaigns, support develop annual plans & local policies etc.

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Enthusiastic, result oriented, flexible, all-round, curious, open, passionate, analytical, pragmatic. Fluent in Dutch, Spanish and English; basic in French and Portuguese.



Nationality: Dutch
Education: BSc & MSc International Development Studies, specialization in Development Economics (Wageningen University). Exchange student at Universidad de Chile.


Experience before YEP

  • Consultant. International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) (2014)
    With a team of ten consultants I evaluated two big ($60 mln) running projects of IFAD in Rwanda. Within this group I was responsible for the value chain development component. Activities a.o.: review of project documents, review overall progress in implementing the component activities, analyze level of disbursements, group discussions, site visits, stakeholder engagement, preparation of Aide-Memoire, recommendations on best way forward, panel discussions, preparation of technical report. Gained insights into project management and implementation.
  • Volunteer. Consultancy for Development Programmes Utrecht (CDP) (2014)
    I worked as a volunteer at CDP, where I was primarily involved in the preparation of project proposals.
  • Intern. Netherlands Embassy in Kigali, Rwanda (2013)
    Main task was a market assessment of the horticultural sector, where I analyzed the whole value chain with the aim to inform future Dutch investors. Activities a.o.: organize workshops, attend future investors, assist consultants, field visits (interviewing) and write project proposals. Gained insights into the reality of development aid, diplomacy and supply chains.
  • Research Intern. WASSAN Hyderabad, India (2012)
    Quantitative research for the NGO Watershed Support Services and Activities Network amongst 120 rice farmers. Activities a.o: design survey, interview farmers, organize trainings and realize econometric analysis. Gained insights into smallholder production systems and rural life in India.
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