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Md. Irfan

Md.  Irfan

History: Young Expert at Max Foundation - Bangladesh
YEP period 2014 - 2016, batch 3

Position after YEP

Project manager at Max Foundation Bangladesh

YEP Role

Program Officer Engineer:

  • design and costing of WASH technologies
  • monitoring WASH hardware
  • capacity building partner organization
  • standardization Max WASH hardware and develop technical material and guidelines
  • supervision and Reporting

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  1.  Project Implementation and Managemen
    Social business Approach- Experience to implementation of innovative technology (capDI) & Social business model base Entrepreneur development piloting Project. Community Managed Approach- Experience with implementation of community Managed Small Arsenic Free Water plant project.
    PPP Approach- Small piped line base water distribution in rural areas of Bangladesh with developing CBO.
  2. Technology design implementation & Monitoring
    Tube wells (Deep and Shallow), Pond sand filter, Treatment Plant, Arsenic and Iron Removal Plant, Rainwater harvesting, Mini Piped water, School latrine, House hold  latrine , Bazar latrine, Communal sanitation system, Compost Latrine, Septic tank, offset type Pit latrine and others.
  3. Material develops & manual preparation
    Experience on developing WASH hardware implementation guideline, Manual and report writing.

Preparing tender document, manage and monitor of WASH hardware, Ensure quantity and quality of WASH hardware implementation, Water quality testing with recommendations, Planning & Budget, Local government, CBO development,  Product development.



Nationality: Bangladeshi
Education: BSc in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Sylhet, Bangladesh  


Experience before YEP

  • 4.5 years experience in WASH technology implementation
  • Besides 1 year & 7 months experience to coordinate of project
  • Installation and management of arsenic mitigation plant
  • Installation and management of CapDI (a programme based water treatment plant, first introduced in Bangladesh)
  • Design & Cost estimation of WASH technologies
  • Monitoring WASH hardware activities
  • Hardware guideline & manual development
  • Supervision of work & reporting
  • Capacity building of staff and community people
  • Communication & Staff management
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Organisation: Max Foundation
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