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Jurrian Veldhuizen

Jurrian Veldhuizen

YEP period 2023 - 2023, batch 27

Young Expert at 100WEEKS - Uganda

YEP Role: Project Manager Uganda

Jurrian has a wide set of responsibilities. First of all, the 100WEEKS training curriculum, that has been developed and implemented for smallholder farmers, needs to be reviewed, improved, and enriched with new subjects. Jurrian is managing this project.

Besides, the living income program of 100WEEKS is gaining importance. The program needs to be adjusted to the demand of our customers. Jurrian reviews the way of measuring living income, the crop specific training curriculum within this program, and the moment and amounts of cash transfers.

Furthermore, Jurrian will take the role as M&E officer of Uganda, improving the current M&E process of the Uganda program, including the implementation of the new onboarding app.

Last, Jurrian works on content creation, storytelling, fundraising and the finding and fostering of new opportunities and partnerships, among which pilot projects in a refugee settlement in Uganda and a wild park in Rwanda.



With a diverse background in politics, sociology and photography, Jurrian has the ability to build relationships and work together with people on the ground and come up with inclusive and creative solutions to problems. Furthermore, he is interested by and invested in the stories and lives of people that are often unseen or too confronting. Jurrian goes the extra mile to do that what is necessary for the broader development of international development and relations by bringing these stories to the foreground. 



  • Nationality: Dutch
  • Education: International Development Studies


Experience before YEP

  • Freelance photographer: (since 2020)
  • Living income expert at Moyee Coffee (2022)
  • Researcher at FairChain Foundation (2022)
  • Researcher at Wageningen University & Research, department ‘Landbouw & Samenleving’ (2021)
  • Intern at Max van der Stoel Foundation (2020)
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Organisation: 100WEEKS
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