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Jyoti Mishra

Jyoti Mishra

YEP period 2022 - 2024, batch 27

Young Expert at Aidenvironment - India

YEP Role

I am involved in the Green Transformation Pathways program, which focusses on increasing water availability and efficiency, so that this water can be used for productivity/agriculture. I will be involved in developing small-scale water harvesting techniques at a catchment (basin) level and setting up and strengthening local level institutions to manage the water that has become available through these interventions. I will be working on  stakeholder management processes such as aligning with government water bodies, training the local committees and strengthening local capacity at the various institutional offices with the aim of integrating/mainstreaming this approach and facilitating upscaling. My role involves field assessments, project implementation, resource mobilization,reporting and monitoring and evaluation.


Research, Working on GIS, Report Writing, Field Assessment, Project Implementation


  • Nationality: Indian
  • Education:
    • Master’s in Water Policy and Governance from Tata Institute of Social Sciences Mumbai
    • Bachelor’s in Water Engineering and Management from Central University of Jharkhand

Experience before YEP

Before joning YEP Programmes, I was working with Freyr a global regulatory solution and services company for the life sciences industry. During my work with Freyr I gained experience related to people management, coordination and project life cycle assessment using SAP.

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Organisation: Aidenvironment
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