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Jemima Rachel Botchey

Jemima Rachel Botchey

YEP period 2022 - 2024, batch 27

Young Expert at GNBCC - Ghana

YEP Role

I function in my YEP role as a Business and Project Manager at Ghana Netherlands Business and Culture Council (GNBCC) in Accra, Ghana. GNBCC is a membership organisation with about 100 members and it is also a first point of contact for companies that want to do business in the Netherlands and Ghana. In my role as business and project manager I will be responsible for the coordination and execution of several projects. One of the projects we are working on with the Royal Netherlands Embassy focuses on creating youth employment and stimulating youth entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector in Ghana. We hope to achieve this by providing skills training, access to finance and an enabling environment and involving groups such as the diaspora and private and public institutions. We hope to contribute to the development of the agribusiness sector in Ghana and as a result also the Ghanaian economy.


Communication, business development, business management, project management, customer due diligence, quality monitoring and evaluation


  • Nationality: Dutch
  • Education: MSc in Entrepreneurship from University of Amsterdam and BSc in Business Management from VU University

Experience before YEP

  • Global Quality Monitoring Consultant, Rabobank, Utrecht, Netherlands
  • KYC Analyst – Rabobank, London, United Kingdom
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Organisation: GNBCC
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