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Jeronimo Alexandre Zumba

Jeronimo Alexandre Zumba

YEP period 2022 - 2024, batch 27

Young Expert at SmartFarming B.V. - Mozambique

YEP Role
I will support IRIPO lda., and SmartFarming B.V in Mozambique. These companies develop digital tools for users in the agrofood sector. Me and Jelle will focus on the user research and set up of a digital system supporting extension services and data collection of farmers living in the buffer zone of Gorongosa national park, and further setting up operations for a satellite derived agronomy service for sugarcane producers. Furthermore, we will lead initiatives that position IRIPO with support of SmartFarming as the ‘go-to’ partner for digital agricultural innovation in Mozambique.


  • Nationality: Mozambican
  • Education: Bsc

Experience before YEP 
I hold a BSc in Hydraulic Engineering, Agriculture and Rural Water. During this course I learned extensively about hydraulic engineering, irrigation and drainage, water supply and water management. I took the opportunity to be an intern at the irrigation system of Baixo Limpopo (Public Enterprise), where I started my practical experience in the design, management, construction and installation of irrigation and drainage systems and on working of smallholder farmers to improve their practices.

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Organisation: SmartFarming B.V.
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