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Doria Igiraneza

Doria Igiraneza

YEP period 2022 - 2024, batch 27

Young Expert at Hollanda Fairfoods - Rwanda

YEP Role

Banana Business Developer


  • Organisational skills
  • Business development
  • Storytelling
  • Content creation
  • Communication skills
  • Public speaking


  • Nationality: Rwandan
  • Education: Bachelors’ degree in Communications with concentration in Business- Southern New Hampshire University through Kepler Program.

Experience before YEP

  • May 2019- March 2020, Kepler French club Vice-president, Kigali. At Kepler, I scheduled and led meeting for club participants, organised events, and researched beginner participants’ proper tools for practice and debate topics to advanced speakers.
  • October 2020-September 2021, Cohort representative in the Student Guild committee at Kepler, In this role I advocated for Students’ issues and altogether acting as an intermediary between the senior management and the students.
  • September –November 2021, Participatory Action Researcher at City University of New York through the Global Education Movement at SNHU. I conducted  participatory action research to investigate the impact of the GEM program and its students/graduates in their communities.
  • November 2021 to date: Communications and marketing coordinator, I create strategies for launching new products (new crisp flavors, banana crisps, cassava crisps, sweet potato crisps) as well as marketing them to the public. I tell stories of our products, farmer partners, employees, etc. My role also consists of coordinating with any other third party promotion providers and maintaining the company (Hollanda Fairfoods) branding guide implementation externally as well as internally.


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Organisation: Hollanda Fairfoods
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