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Cornel Bruhl

Cornel Bruhl

YEP period 2022 - 2023, batch 27

Young Expert at Ebee International - Kenya

YEP Role
My name is Cornel Bruhl, I'm from the Netherlands and working at Ebee Africa in Kenya. Ebee is a start- up that offers electric bicycles to consumers and businesses, we want to offer an environment friendly and economical alternaIve to mobility. I'll be Head of OperaIons and will be responsible for the development, producIon, maintenance and physical roll-out of the e-bikes in Kenya. 

E-bikes, Logistics, Management, Development, creating a team, decisiveness, logical thinking ability, take initiative, social, flexibel, stress resistant, pragmatic
  • Natioonality: Dutch
  • Education: Bachelor Logistics

Experience before YEP
I gained my experience with e-bikes at Ebiketogo, a similar company to Ebee based in Amsterdam.

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Organisation: Ebee International
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