Young Experts

Dereje Maru

Dereje Maru

YEP period 2022 - 2024, batch BD

Young Expert at Blue Deal - Ethiopia

YEP Role

Young Expert to support and coordinate Water Cooperation Framework Agreement, PDCA cycle of the Water Allocation Plan, and Basin Plan Implementation for Blue Deal Awash Partnership Programme.


  • Water Resources Management Research and study
  • Flood and drought management
  • Water Resources Modeling and simulation
  • Water quality
  • Environmental Impact Assessment


  • ArcGIS (Geographic Information System) Mapping Application
  • R Programing, GEOSTUDIO, HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, HECGeoRAS, HEC-Resim, Premavera, Epanet, SWAT, AutoCAD Civil3D, SPSS Statistical Tool


  • Nationality: Ethiopian
  • Education: MSc in Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering (Engineering Hydrology), BSc in Meteorology Science

Experience before YEP

  • July 2014 – Jan 2022: Water Resources Data Analyst Expert
  • Feb 2022 – Sep 2022: Director, Water Resources and Basin Management Directorate
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Organisation: Blue Deal
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