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Aurora Mija

Aurora Mija

YEP period 2022 - 2024, batch BD

Young Expert at Blue Deal - Peru

YEP Role

Working at National Water Authority as a technical assistant in the integrated management of water resources for the technical secretary of the water resources council of the basin Tumbes, in cooperation with the Blue Deal project - Peru. Principal responsibilities:

  • Providing technical assistance to the technical team responsible for the process of updating the project prioritisation matrix of the IWRM plan
  • Providing support in the follow-up and monitoring of the basin IWRM plan
  • Organising participating stakeholder meetings to fill knowledge gaps and generate links with international approaches
  • Planning the implementation of the "Decision Support System" for the Tumbes basin water resources council, through the use of geographic information systems (GIS)


  • Data monitoring and analysis
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Responsible
  • Conflict resolution
  • Project management
  • Self-learning
  • Perseverance
  • Empathy
  • Perseverance


  • Nationality: Peruvian
  • Education: Bachelor in Agricultural engineering at the National university of Piura

Experience before YEP

  • Regional Agricultural Management Office - Lambayeque:
    • Assistant in the files preparation of and technical data sheets of hydraulic infrastructure projects
    • Assistant in the supervision of projects executed by the hydraulic infrastructure and technical irrigation area
    • Assistant in the elaboration of work liquidations under the direct administration modality
  • ANA (National Water Authority - ALA Chira)
    • Assistant in the area of groundwater resources
    • Assistant in the area of quality of surface and underground water resources
    • Coordinator of the project “Alert and Monitoring System for the Activation of Streams”, SAMAQ (Spanish acronym)
  • Agricultural consultant - UVELA
    • Designer of technical irrigation projects for small farmers
    • Designer of topographical maps of agricultural land
    • Pilot of crop monitoring with drones
    • Engineer of data processing with ArcGis, Qgis, Agisoft Metashape, Pix4d, Global mapper, Auto CAD
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Organisation: Blue Deal
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