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Ivania Loide

Ivania Loide

YEP period 2022 - 2024, batch 26

Young Expert at We Consult - Mozambique

YEP Role

Technical tasksĀ 

  • Design of questionnaire
  • Design of sampling method
  • Training and pilot study
  • Fieldwork, including logistics
  • Design of database
  • Data processing and quality control
  • Data analyses and cross tabulation
  • Detailed reporting and translation of reports and proposals

Management tasks

  • Development of work plan and budget
  • Project administration
  • Organisation of personnel
  • Check project against planning, deliverables, and budget
  • Contact with client
  • Contact with third parties (e.g., local governments, NGOs, institutional organisations)


Loyal, flexible, organised, team management, problem-solving, technical skill, reporting skill, research skill


  • Nationality: Mozambican
  • Education: Exploration Geology

Experience before YEP

I started my career as a trainee at the National Museum of Geology and, due to the success of the tasks I was performing, I was given the responsibility of coordinating the Laboratory's activities. The activities I coordinated included supervising the trainees, surveying the needs of the laboratory, ordering the material needed to run the institution and ensuring the maintenance of all the equipment. I also gave guided visits to the laboratory for a variety of audiences, improving her communication and interaction skills with the public.

Later, I have been involved Hydrogeologist and WASH technique at WE Consult that consisted of desk study, geophysical survey for borehole siting, positioning using GPS, processing data, data analysis and interpretation and production of report. From May to December of 2021, I have been involved in projects for JAPAN TECHNO CO., Ltd (Construction of Rural Water Supply Facility in Niassa Province in the Republic of Mozambique) and RHDHV Project (Hydrogeological Study of Nacala-Porto Aquifer System Nampula Province) where I performed various tasks such as a geophysical survey, excel data entry, data processing and report writing. I have also done some work related to report translations. In addition, I have been involved in WASH project as Project Assistant, where I was responsible for the coordination, supervision, and communication with clients regarding technical matters, coordinating seating and priorities of field activities on weekly basis and share with staff in the field.

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Organisation: We Consult
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