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Youssouf Toure

Youssouf Toure

YEP period 2022 - 2024, batch 26

Young Expert at LONO Innovations B.V. - Ivory Coast

YEP Role

As Young Expert, I work on the biodigester project, which installs digesters at cooperative level, household level and on our own biofertilizer production sites, providing these sites with a green source of energy. The Young Expert Programme position therefore directly contributes to:

  • making clean cooking gas accessible to agricultural cooperative and rural households;
  • making green energy accessible to agribusinesses; and,
  • making biofertilizer more accessible and affordable to farmers.


  • Farm management
  • Agricultural research
  • Crop nutrition with organic inputs
  • Data collection and analysis (R, SPSS)
  • Farmer training in organic farming
  • Agricultural project design and management
  • Smallholder empowerment
  • GPS mapping and analysis using Google Earth.


  • Nationality: IVORIAN
  • Education:
    • Master’s degree in Environmental Management, University of Ibadan
    • Master’s degree in Agricultural Engineer, Agronomy and Food Rransformation, INPHB – Institut National Polytechnique Felix Houphouët Boigny
    • Bachelor's degree in Food Industry, Voltaire Institute of Marcory

Experience before YEP

  • Intern Research and Development, LONO, Côte d’Ivoire. My tasks included:
    • Daily check-up of 2 biodigesters for internal improvements on user friendliness.
    • Improvement of soil characteristics with compost and biofertilizer.
    • Testing compost doses, liquid and solid, on crop agronomic factors coming from digesters.
    • Testing of soil activators on crop agronomic factors.
    • Management of agricultural teams of 03 people on the site.
    • Planning and supervision of agricultural activities.
    • Planting, maintaining and harvesting fruits, vegetables and oil palm.
  • Assistant to Industrial Plantation Manager, SIPEF-CI (International Society of Plantations and Finance), Côte d’Ivoire, My tasks included:
    • Implementation and monitoring of RSPO (Sustainable Palm Oil) principles.
    • Project Management for the creation of plantation and implementation of village planter projects.
    • Plant supply with palm bunches.
    • Planning and supervision of agricultural activities.
    • Management of 10 agricultural teams of 25 people.
    • Management of 3,000 ha in production and 275 ha replanting.
    • Planting, maintenance, harvesting, collection.
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Organisation: LONO Innovations B.V.
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