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Erastus Maina Nyawira

Erastus Maina Nyawira

YEP period 2022 - 2024, batch WWX3

Young Expert at WaterWorX - Kenya

YEP Role

As a young expert I am placed in a cross-cutting section within the utility that supports various departments by sharing data and creating actionable information from the data. I am tasked with developing, implementing and maintaining a Geospatial Information system within the company. The system presents dynamic and interactive tools that can be accessed on any device, anytime and anywhere to visualise assets across the geographic coverage of the utility. The system presents a digital twin of the whole process of water and sanitation service provision from the catchment source to the end point consumer in-situ.

My main roles within the organisation are mainly support, I am responsible for gathering data with spatial aspect to be subjected to geostatistical analysis that form basis of the actionable intelligence. I support the technical works by providing layout and designs to form the basis of the budget estimates and implementation of works. It is my work to ensure that any work done is in synch with the design and layout proposed, and maintain a record of the conducted work. I also ensure on-site reporting of works by the field workforce. This form part of the data used to perform some of the geostatistical analysis that drives informed decisions on investment in resources and capacity development.

To better plan for water reticulation and understand the served and unserved areas within the service area of the partner, I am expected to maintain an up-to-date plot boundary information. This informs available space to lay water and sanitation reticulation, highly populated unserved/underserved areas and best optimal route to connect the unserved population with water and sanitation services.

I also perform hydraulic modelling of the network to inform on possible low pressure and high-pressure zones, sizing of pipes and proposing energy reduction interventions by advising on correct sizing of the delivery pipes and best operation of the pumps to achieve desired efficiency.

It is also the responsibility of the young expert to participate in the partner utility development of various proposals to seek funding to increase access to water and sanitation services. I contribute to base-data analysis and other related geo-statistical analysis in order to support the proposal and give description of the target area, not limited to topographical description and limitations but also provide supporting facts, maps and other related graphics to in cooperate in the proposals.


  • Analytical thinker
  • Competent in cartographic skills
  • GIS, mapping and Remote Sensing
  • AutoCAD operation
  • Topographical and land surveying
  • Environmental Impact assessment.
  • Hydraulic modelling
  • Passionate in learning new things, enthusiastic, and hard working


  • Nationality: Kenyan
  • Education:
    • BSc. Geospatial Information Science and Remote Sensing, Faculty of Geomatic Engineering and Geospatial Information Science at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology, DeKUT

Experience before YEP

  • 2018 Sept to date – Nakuru water and sanitation service Company (NAWASSCO) as a GIS Analyst, tasked with developing and maintaining a geographical information system and supporting other departments with geostatistical info to make decision on operations.
  • 2016 Jan to Aug 2018 – Nanyuki Water and Sewerage Company (NAWASCO) as a GIS Officer, tasked in developing and maintaining a geographical information system as a system of record and insight.
  • 2017-2018 – Leewage Consultants as a part time consultant in conducting topo surveying, environmental impact assessment, preparing hydrological reports, earth dam design, weir/intake design and longitudinal pipe profile design.
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Organisation: WaterWorX
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