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Massaba Keita

Massaba Keita

YEP period 2022 - 2024, batch 25

Young Expert at World Water Academy - Mali

YEP Role

Role: Recovery Officer

I am currently working as a Recovery Officer at the Malian water utility SOMAGEP SA. My responsibilities include to work with WaterWorX, a partnership of public water operators, to increase access to sustainable water services. I am involved in several projects as a project co-coordinator.


  • Customer service
  • Marketing strategy


  • Nationality: Malian
  • Education:
    • Master’s in Audit and Management Control
    • Bachelor’s in business Administration

Experience before YEP

  • April 2021 – Present: Recovery Officer with the Malian Water Utility SOMAGEP SA at the Commercial Branch of Kalabancoro.
    • Contribute to the achievement of the recovery objectives by identifying unpaid invoices from the customers
    • Coordinate and facilitate the collection activities under the responsibility of the recovery management
    • Work as a team with the reception, area and technical staff to achieve the objectives
    • Prepare and provide statistics related to the recovery activity
  • August 2018-April 2021: Receptionist for the Malian Water Utility SOMAGEP SA
    • Master the process of creating customers and updating customer accounts
    • Master the module of customer management
    • Master the techniques of duplicate invoice editing
    • Manage subscription contracts and subscribers’ accounts
    • Provide statistics on abnormalities in customer requests and complaints.
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Organisation: World Water Academy
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