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Marjan Riepma

Marjan Riepma

YEP period 2021 - 2023, batch 24

Young Expert at Tradin Organic Agriculture B.V. - Ethiopia

YEP Role

I currently work as a sourcing project coordinator at Tradin Organic in Ethiopia. Tradin Organic sources organic ingredients and products from farmers in more than 60 countries. In Ethiopia our daughter company Sunvado sources avocados from organic, smallholder farmers with agroforestry-based farm plots. Even though the conditions in the sourcing area are suitable for avocado production, the avocado industry in Ethiopia is in its infancy and has not yet utilized its potential. In the last two years, an organic avocado oil factory was installed and a sourcing structure was implemented. My role is to further optimize this sourcing strategy. Sourcing the right quality avocados with a continuously changing supply and demand in the area is a challenge. Therefore, I am supporting Sunvado by implementing a comprehensive sourcing structure. Elements of this structure are the implementation of a data management system, training of the farmers, yield forecasting of the avocados, and working on a long-term sourcing plan.


Having a background in agriculture, by growing up on a farm and studying food and agribusiness, I am eager to work with farmers in Ethiopia. I see myself as a driven and enthusiastic person, motivated by seeing a change in other people, this feels like a good fit with the position of a project coordinator. Moreover, by having experience with quantitative data analysis during my MSc, I look forward to implementing a more comprehensive farmer data management system. Lastly, by studying and working abroad, in Canada, Sri Lanka, and The Philippines, I have a positive and flexible attitude towards intercultural settings. This will assist me in working together with local stakeholders in Ethiopia.


  • Nationality: Dutch
  • Education: Bachelor in Food and Agribusiness from Aeres University of Applied Sciences and Dalhousie University (Canada), Master in Rural Development and Innovation from Wageningen university

Experience before YEP

  • Intern for the CANAG and TRAIDE program at Resilience BV, Wageningen, The Netherlands
  • Research project for my MSc thesis at the International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines
  • Research intern at ZOA & Ethical Inspirations in Sri Lanka
  • Intern coffee quality at ┬áLevel Ground Trading, Victoria, Canada
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Organisation: Tradin Organic Agriculture B.V.
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