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Alida Pelgrim-Adams

Alida Pelgrim-Adams

History: Young Expert at Practica Foundation - Madagascar
YEP period 2015 - 2016, batch 5

Position after YEP

Support Officer at National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM), NL

YEP Role

I worked as a project engineer at PRACTICA Foundation in Madagascar. My main focus was on drinking water in rural areas and the management and maintenance models behind it.
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  • Rural water supply
  • Small-scale water technology
  • Project management
  • Water supply management models

Nationality: Dutch
Education: BSc International Land and Water Management, Wageningen University and MSc Water Management / Drinking Water Engineering, Delft University of Technology


Experience before YEP

2012-2015: Drinking water engineer at PRACTICA Foundation working on several projects regarding sustainability of rural water supplies and online technology decision support tools.

2011-2012: MSc thesis on ‘Financial Sustainability of Rural Water Supplies in Western Kenya; Comparing management models and technology types’, partly executed in Kenya in collaboration with SNV Netherlands Development Organisation.

2010: Internship at RIVM (Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) about ‘The importance of emerging pathogens for the safety of the Dutch drinking water; proposal for a prioritization method’.

2009: BSc thesis about ‘Development of user participation in the Romanian irrigation management’, partly executed in Romania.

2009: Minor ‘Water quality and health’ at Wageningen University.

2008: Internship in Zambia about ‘Water quality in the rural areas of Zambia: the smallholders’ point-of-view’. In collaboration with International Development Enterprises (IDE).

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Organisation: Practica Foundation
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