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Jan-Arjen Smid

Jan-Arjen Smid

YEP period 2021 - 2023, batch 24

Young Expert at Green Link B.V. - Gambia

YEP Role

Managing Director at Greenlink Gambia Ltd


Finished BSc Global Sustainability Science, with the focus on ‘Energy and Resources’

At Greenlink I am gaining skills to maintain, build and design energy systems. These energy systems can be off-grid, hybrid, or on-grid. In addition, I’m obtaining managing skills. I am responsible for the preparation of projects and managing the Gambian team during the installation.

Developing a lithium battery for energy storage, made from recycled electric vehicle batteries.


  • Nationality: Netherlands
  • Education:  Bsc Global Sustainability Science

Experience before YEP

During my high school and studies, I have been working on farms. These farms were in the Netherlands and Canada.
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Organisation: Green Link B.V.
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