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Enatha Uwiriniyimana

Enatha Uwiriniyimana

YEP period 2021 - 2023, batch 24

Young Expert at Hollanda Fairfoods - Rwanda

YEP Role

As agro-food operation coordinator, I will be responsible to coordinate and manage Hollanda Fair Foods' investment in value chain improvement and a such improve the quality of potatoes delivered at the factory. I will be able to analyse farms related to soil quality, seed, fertilizers, harvesting techniques, transport, and storage techniques then convert these into advice and training to farmers to increase potato yields and improve the quality of potatoes grown in Rwanda.

Also, I will offer the standardized entrepreneurship training program to smallholders farmers to get the awareness of entrepreneurship skills in their agriculture activities.

I will also be responsible for ensuring implementation effectiveness in the long term by regular checking and monitoring progress.



  • Planning skills and production process
  • Training design and deliver it.
  • Team working and Motivation skills
  • People management



  • Nationality: Rwandan
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture and Food Science


Experience before YEP

In 2018 I attended Academic Internship at Hollanda Fair Foods where I got to know the production process in-dept and the machines used in the production of potato crisps.

From 2020: Production Manager in Hollanda Fair Foods with responsibilities to maintain constant production, control the constant production process, and increase productivity with innovative methods and motivating staffs to perform better.

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Organisation: Hollanda Fairfoods
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