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Jackline Jemutai Kemboi

Jackline Jemutai Kemboi

YEP period 2021 - 2023, batch 24

Young Expert at Justdiggit - Kenya

YEP Role

Landscape Restoration Quality Coordinator. I will be working with partners and communities by offering them technical expertise on the establishment of soil bunds, pasture reseeding, agroforestry/afforestation, management of invasive species, and Farm Managed Natural Regeneration. I will also be assisting local partners in the scouting of new potential sites for restoration and developing manuals and guidelines for each restoration intervention.



  • I’m skilled in designing experimental trials, planning and executing project tasks; writing research and journal papers; reports; presentation skills; able to identify and solve different problems arising in my work area; project management skills; teamwork and collaborations; good communication skills; able to train communities, mentor and supervise field activities; ICT competent and detail-oriented.



  • Nationality: Kenyan
  • Education: BSc in Range Management


Experience before YEP

I have experience in the establishment of rangeland rehabilitation technologies such as soil bunds and check dams, pasture reseeding, and afforestation/agroforestry programs. I also have experience in writing research proposals and journal papers, preparing and planning of research trials and monitoring, collection of field data and subsequent analysis, development of work plans and budgets for field activities, dissemination of research findings and training; training communities on natural resource management components, ICT competent and detail and management of invasive species.

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Organisation: Justdiggit
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