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Anna-Marthe Sessink

Anna-Marthe Sessink

YEP period 2014 - 2016, batch 3

Young Expert at - Indonesia

First position after YEP

Manager Operations at Akvo Australia

YEP Role

As a Young Expert I was working for Akvo Foundation in Indonesia, where I assisted in the expansion of Akvo’s activities in South East Asia. Focus was on partnership development and support, and the introduction of mobile and web-based monitoring & evaluation tools in the WASH sector. I have supported large projects in Indonesia to map the status of WASH facilities to ensure long-term sustainability.

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My background is in business administration. During my studies I gained diverse international experience by different study exchanges and an internship abroad. I have affinity for IT and I am passionate about bringing social innovations into new environments. My personality can be described as calm, open, flexible and independent.



Nationality: Dutch
Education: MSc Strategic Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam


Experience before YEP

  • Part-time job in Akvo’s partner team since 2011, where I have gained experience in Akvo tools
  • Co-founded a start-up called Co-Student, which aims to help 50+ to become familiar with useful innovations
  • Internship at Marketing & Communications department of Rabobank Utrechtse Heuvelrug
  • Consultancy assignment for the Lornah Kiplagat Foundation in writing a business concept for a girls’ school in Kenya
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