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Aung Thura Hein

Aung  Thura Hein

YEP period 2015 - 2017, batch 5

Young Expert at Royal HaskoningDHV - Myanmar

First position after YEP

Engineer at Royal HaskoningDHV Myanmar

YEP Role

I worked as a Project Engineer at Royal Haskoning DHV Co., Ltd  in Myanmar. Under the business line of Rivers, Deltas & Coasts, my responsibilities were concerned with many engineering studies and approaches. I participated in the project Ayeyarwady Navigation feasibility study (RVO) and I was also able to participate in many spin-off projects from the IWRM (Integrated Water Resource Management) strategy study projects, which were expected to utilize in future Myanmar. So, I was especially engaged in, and expected to contribute to, the following fields:

  • River/Coastal Engineering
  • Hydraulic Engineering
  • Hydraulic Modelling
  • Hydrological Analyses
  • Environmental Impacts Analyses

Data collection to support various analyses including data on industrial, domestic and agricultural water use. Click here for more information about my project.



In earlier works, I started with my engineering experience under construction sites for maritime industry. I was used to with project management for planning, monitoring, inspection, evaluating and handing over to the clients, covering for all of the complete project phases. Working with intercultural circumstances, I have a good communication and flexible to the surrounding societies. As I worked under water related nature, I had a good understanding of rivers, tides and coastal environments as well as their behaviors. I had a good communication skill and can speak fluently (orally and in writing) in English. As a person I am a hardworking and motivated one.



Nationality: Myanmar

  • B.E ( River & Coastal Engineering, Myanmar Maritime University, Myanmar)
  • Associate Member (Myanmar Engineering Society)
  • ASEAN Engineer Registration

Experience before YEP

During my study, I was in touch with water related governmental organizations as industrial training program. After finish my graduation, I started with my career as a junior project engineer with a local construction company. In these years, I had many experiences in project cycle management including site inspection, time management, budget awareness and logistics frameworks as well. Being a port expansion project, I added my knowledge relating with tide, river and coastal environments. And then I changed my scope to dredging industry doing as project engineer for sand supply company. I had a background for dredging in relating with hydrographic surveying, soil investigation and data analysis for dredging and dredge operation management as well. Within these years, I worked as river engineer including the tasks for modelling, morphological change studies and water environment ecosystems.

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Organisation: Royal HaskoningDHV
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