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Bianca Stoop

Bianca Stoop

YEP period 2021 - 2023, batch 23

Young Expert at Mott MacDonald - Indonesia

YEP Role

The Komering Irrigation Project stage III contributes to Indonesia’s aim to become self-sufficient in rice production. It is the third stage of improvement of the irrigation scheme. The irrigation scheme will be extended with about 8,500 ha of irrigated fields, and the main canals and secondary canals will be renovated. As part of the structures design team of the Komering Irrigation Project, phase III, I work on the inventory, design, and procurement for the work of the renovation and extension of the Komering irrigation scheme. In the first phase of the project, I’m involved in the inventory survey documentation tasks, project management tasks, and inception reporting. In the next phase of the project, I expect to also contribute to the design team.

In my role, I work extensively together with my local YEP buddy, Destianto Hendrawan. The project team consists of a joint venture of Mott MacDonald Euroconsult, Orient Global consultants, and several Indonesian engineering companies. Together, we are with somewhat 30-40 engineers, over different teams: design team (water system and structure design), soft component team, project monitoring, and evaluation team.


In my studies, I learned about hardcore engineering (bridges, structures, dikes, operational control), as well as soft engineering: water resources management, ecology, hydrology. I like to combine engineering work with the work of people and the purpose of the project.


  • Nationality: Dutch
  • Education:
    • BSc Civil Engineering, Delft University of Technology
    • MSc Civil Engineering, Water resources management specialization, Delft University of Technology

Experience before YEP

After my studies, I worked as a project officer at the Dutch engineering company TAUW. The projects I was involved in projects about climate adaptation in villages and cities, for example, geohydrological problems, sewer systems design, and surface water consultancy. In these projects, I worked for mainly municipalities and water boards. One year before I joined the YEP program, I switched more towards large-scale projects such as the construction of hydraulic structures and maintenance/dredging preparation works for the Amstel river. These projects were inspiring me because of the teamwork needed in the projects. To facilitate and manage collaboration between different disciplines working towards a common goal is inspiring me and is a skill I want to improve, next to my technical skills.

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Organisation: Mott MacDonald
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