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Lisa Rotteveel

Lisa Rotteveel

YEP period 2021 - 2023, batch 23

Young Expert at QPoint - Kenya

YEP Role

I am a consultant in agri-food innovation, entrepreneurship, business incubation & value chain management in East Africa at Q-Point B.V. Q-Point is a Dutch independent consultancy agency, specialized in agricultural progress, food safety, and quality management systems, and institutional development. We consult primary producers, food processors, farmers, governmental organizations, and (higher) educational institutes.

My role within Q-Point and YEP entails the contribution to the development of current and future agricultural projects in East Africa. Therefore, I am involved in various international projects in a.o. DRC Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, and Rwanda. I am a specialist in food innovation, agripreneurship, business incubation & value chain management.

My experience within (new) business development in both start-ups and corporate companies throughout the value chain taught me how to translate science and innovation into practical and feasible business cases from farmer to consumer.


  • Food Innovation;
  • Value addition;
  • Business incubation & entrepreneurship;
  • Product & packaging development;
  • Graphic design & visualization;
  • Nutritional science & food safety;
  • Value chain management.


Nationality: Dutch

Education:  HAS University of Applied Sciences

                 BSc. Food Innovation (2013-2017)

  • Product & Packaging Development
  • Nutrition & health
  • Design Thinking
  • Top-class Entrepreneurship (2017-2018)

Experience before YEP

2018-2020 TuttiFoodi (The Netherlands and Kenya)

As a product manager, I contributed to the development and implementation of the new generation 'long lasting fresh nutrition', TuttiFoodi’s FiberedFresh® technology. This sustainable drying technology makes it possible to preserve fresh food (a.o. fruit and vegetables) and its micronutrients for up to several years in dried forms, with no cooled storage needed. It preserves vitamins, fiber, fresh taste, and aroma, which can be unlocked again at a later stage by adding moisture. The goal: adding value to the entire production chain by producing clean-label food products directly from the source in Kenya, while reducing food waste, post-harvest loss, and malnutrition.

2018-2021 Hey Chaley (The Netherlands and Ghana)

During my stay in Ghana, I started the fair fashion brand Hey Chaley, with the aim of creating local empowerment for young Ghanaian women by training them to become independent seamstresses and selling handmade clothes in-store and online.

2017 Intern Packaging Development & Research at Kumasi Institute of Tropical Agriculture (Ghana)

I did research on the possibilities in developing locally available and environmentally friendly, biodegradable fiber-based food packaging in the rural areas of Kumasi, Ghana.


  • Desirability, feasibility, and viability study on packaging materials, market, and consumer needs;
  • Development & testing of mockups & prototypes;
  • Training of students on food and packaging production;
  • Setting up an organic fresh food marketplace on campus.

2016 MARS (The Netherlands)

Intern Packaging Innovation at research & development department of MARS® in Veghel.

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Organisation: QPoint
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