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Bart van Liere

Bart van Liere

YEP period 2016 - 2018, batch 7

Young Expert at Denys Engineers & Contractors B.V. - Mozambique

First position after YEP

Design Engineer at Water2Energy, the Netherlands

YEP Role

My function was Project and Quality Engineer. In the first stages of the project, I was busy with purchasing and making proposals for products to use in the project. During this process, I needed to communicate with suppliers, the client and colleagues to choose the right product. After the products were purchased they need to be placed in a correct way and this was also part of my tasks. Furthermore, in this project I coordinated the Electrical Works, this as I have a background in Mechanical Engineering, in which Electronics is substantial part.


Furthermore, I was also in charge of subcontractors that are doing special jobs. In this project, before we had  subcontractors for making three small crossings by tunneling and a subcontractor for the concrete works. I  coordinated the process from selecting the subcontractor and coordinating the works and the final closing of the works.

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My skills are both technical as the soft skills in coordinating and communicating. This contains both the hard and the soft skills to fulfil my YEP role in Engineering for DENYS in Mozambique.



Nationality: Dutch
Education: Bachelor and Master of Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University in Delft


Experience before YEP

In my studies I did a lot of projects. One of them is my graduation project at a company for injection molding of polymers. This was an interesting job to get insight and experience in the possibilities and limitations of polymer injection molding which is very important because polymers are more and more applied.


After my studies I started at KROHNE Altometer in Dordrecht at the department of Research and Development. This company was developing and fabricating flowmeters mostly for the industrial marked. In my function as Mechanical Engineer I was responsible for the development of certain flowmeters. In this process, all different departments needed to be on one track to develop the flowmeter which complies to all requirements.

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Organisation: Denys Engineers & Contractors B.V.
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