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Irene Mutisya

Irene  Mutisya

Young Expert at SNV - Kenya
YEP period 2021 - 2023, batch 23

YEP Role

I am a Project Assistant implementing Productive Use of Energy projects at SNV Kenya. The projects address the lack of access to sustainable and affordable energy technologies and services for use in the agricultural sector. They will focus on the dairy and horticulture value chains to increase production, reduce post-harvest losses and improve processing, while also contributing to GHG emissions reduction.

  • Support the implementation of the PUE projects/initiatives
  • Take lead in facilitating/ensuring data collection and in the internal data verification (Phone & Field) and undertake initial data compliance, eligibility, and quality (completeness, accuracy, and veracity) reviews in line with project guidelines/project requirements.
  • Contribute towards periodic or need-based project progress monitoring and reporting including narrative and data reports including project-specific market and data analysis.
  • Contribute towards knowledge development and dissemination based on project implementation experiences and market trends.
  • Contribute to SNV’s business development and provide need-based support to other SNV projects/programmes/initiatives. 


Project planning and management; Result based financing; Analytical Skills and Report Writing; Teamwork; Effective Communication



  • Nationality: Kenyan
  • Education: BA  in Development Studies, pursuing my MA in Project Planning and Management

Experience before YEP

  • January 2020 to March 2021: Project consultant at SNV for a Result Based Financing (RBF) Stove Project. My key roles included; Beneficiary management in contracting, capacity building, and backstopping; Manage day to day implementation of the project to ensure that clear targets and objectives are met; Assessment and onboarding of stoves to be promoted in the project; Monitoring and tracking of project results through verification and validation of project data; Documentation of project results, progress update and theory of change in the project; Planning and budgeting of all relevant activities in the project.
  • October 2018 to December 2019: Project Assistant at SNV for a Result Based Financing (RBF) Stove Project. My key roles included; supporting beneficiary onboarding; collection, review, and validation of beneficiary sales data, progress reports, and incentive claims; support the independent verification process, and contribute to planning and implementation of the project.
  • August 2015 to September 2018 Project Assistant at  Micro Enterprises Support Programme Trust on Pico PV solar and cookstove higher tier projects. My key roles included; Beneficiary management; reporting and analysis of data received from the beneficiary; Liaise with the independent verification agent (IVA) to review reports ensure that verification reports are submitted timely; Conduct field supervision trips as needed to ensure work plan implementation is progressing; Monitoring and evaluation of RBF and alignment with project manual and M&E document
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Organisation: SNV
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