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Martin Twine Baryabanoha

Martin Twine Baryabanoha

YEP period 2015 - 2017, batch 5

Young Expert at The Good Shepherd Foundation - Uganda

First position after YEP

Water Resources Engineer at WE Consult Uganda

YEP Role

Water Resources Engineer.


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  • Water resources assessment studies
  • Project preparation and management
  • Proposal and report writing
  • Geophysical borehole investigations
  • Drilling & borehole construction supervision
  • Water supply system design and construction

Nationality: Ugandan

  • 2010-2014, Makerere University, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering  
  • 2008-2009, Namilyango College, Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE)
  • 2004-2007, Namilyango College, Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE)

Experience before YEP

November 2014 to date:  Water Resources Engineer, We Consult
I am currently allocated duties of; geophysical borehole investigations, drilling & borehole construction supervision, water supply system construction as well as report writing among others.

2015: A selection of activities performed under We Consult:
a)     Supervised construction of a Sub surface dam in Dopeth River, Kaidila village, Kotido District
b)     Supervised a mini water supply scheme at Wiggins Primary School under the Relief Fund Kyoga in Kumi district
c)     Geophysical surveys for deep boreholes in:

  • Bugiri district at Garden of Eden – Helping Hand
  • Budaka district at St. Clare’s girls secondary school
  • Kiryandongo district for ECLOF
  • Kole district for ASHI-UASH (ASHI-Association for serving Humanity International, UASH- Uganda Association for serving Humanity)
d)     Drilling supervision and test pumping at Garden of Eden – Helping Hand for a hand pump


2014: A selection of activities performed under We Consult;
a)     Training in drilling supervision in Mukono district for Royal Van Zanten and Kyankwanzi for Back to Bible Truth (BBT)
b)     Training in geophysical survey in Bukomansimbi district for Help the great lake foundation


June to November, 2014: Research Assistant at Makerere University
At Makerere University I was involved in research on the development of shared groundwater resources in the Karamoja and Mount Elgon volcanic aquifer region under conditions of climate variability/change. This research was supported by the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD).


Other activities performed at Makerere University
a)     Data Collection on water sources for various organizations sources such as Directorate of Water Resources Management, Uganda Bureau of Statistics, and Internet among others that is essential to the research
b)     Mapping using ArcGIS 10.1 software. This included delineating the catchment area, mapping water sources and clipping information to the catchment area such as elevation, water sources
c)     Team leader during field Visits and sampling; field visit to the districts of Amuria, Katakwi, Napak and Moroto, during which boreholes were sampled for water quality tests, coordinates were taken using a GPS and information was obtained using a questionnaire
d)     Analysis of data collected. This involved sorting all the data obtained from the various sources including the field so as to be analyzed to get meaningful conclusions


September to October, 2014: Field Assistant, Ark Consults & Engineering Ltd.
With Ark Consults & Engineering Ltd, I carried out a field survey on Water use and Demand in Lake Edward, Lake George and Kafu catchment area, and analysed the information gathered on behalf of the Ministry of Water and Environment. This activity involved identifying and locating all sectors and individuals currently using water so as to quantify the current and future water demand.


Other activities performed under Ark Consults & Engineering Ltd
a)     Interacting with different departments in the districts, such as Water, Health, Education and Production departments to obtain information to be used in quantification of water demand
b)     Data collection in the field using questionnaires. This involved going to the various water sources, obtaining their coordinates as well as basic information using questionnaires
c)     Training of junior officials to collect field information in cases where sources were far and time was limited
d)     Analysis of data collected


July to August, 2013: Trainee Engineer, UWP Consulting Ltd, in Tanga, Tanzania
From July to August 2013, I worked as a trainee Engineer with UWP Consulting Ltd on the design and project management of the Investment Sub-Projects in Tanga City council under the Tanzania Strategic Cities Project (TSCP) funded by the International Development Association (IDA).


Activities performed under UWP Consultants Ltd;
a)     Familiarization and review of project documents which included the contract documents, specifications and drawings for the projects
b)     Site visits so as to get hands on practice of the various works such as drainage works, Pre-casting works, road works, and survey work as well as laboratory tests for quality control
c)     Editing the drawings so as to incorporate the changes made in the works to be implemented after re-designing of some of the structures using AutoCAD software


June to July, 2013: Trainee Engineer, Tanga City Council, Tanzania
I worked under the supervision of the Structural engineering department of Tanga City Council works department. This is where various buildings of the council were designed as well as approval of the private buildings that were proposed for construction.


Activities performed in Tanga City Council;
a)     Reviewing of various architectural and structural plans as well as the design calculations
b)     Detailing of structures using hand calculations and drawing them using AutoCAD software


June to August, 2012: Trainee, MANI Engineering Services Ltd, Uganda
I worked on the construction project of the Kings Gate commercial plaza in Kabalagala, Kampala.


Activities performed included but not limited to;
a)     Hands on practice and work at the site. This included concrete works, steel work (cutting and bending steel bars), and formwork erection, masonry works, levelling and setting out
b)     I was also trained how to draw plans and detail using AutoCAD software
c)     I acquired other skills such as communication skills, relating with different people, time management and construction techniques


February to August, 2010: Teacher, Crystal Junior Academy, Ggaba


Activities performed included;
a)     Teaching of the pupils according to the curriculum of the school. This also involved preparation of home works, tests and examinations
b)     Monitoring the children during co-curricular activities
c)     Assisting in secretarial work in the absence of the secretary
d)     I developed skills in leadership, teaching, handling of children, team work and time management
e)     I taught English, Science and Literacy II in classes 6, 7 and 3 respectively

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Organisation: The Good Shepherd Foundation
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