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Rennie Roos

Rennie Roos

YEP period 2021 - 2023, batch 22

Young Expert at MDF Training and Consultancy B.V. - Indonesia

First position after YEP

In between jobs

YEP Role

Social & Sustainable Entrepreneurship Developer / Management Consultant at MDF Training & Consultancy.

In Southeast Asia, I am developing social and sustainable entrepreneurship programs, which amongst others include the development of a sustainable inclusive agri-business accelerator and incubation training center.


Nationality: Dutch

Education: BA Indonesian Studies at Leiden University and MA Asian Studies at Leiden University

Experience before YEP

“It should be bigger than myself” is what I thought as a 21-year-old student when, in 2012, I was invited to speak at the launch of the Indonesia Nederland Society to welcome the new Indonesian Ambassador to the Netherlands. It was the start of what appears to be the common thread of all my activities.

It makes me happy when I can include others in my adventures to inspire people to further develop themselves and others. With this thought in mind, I started as an entrepreneur in 2013. With INYS, I organized activities to bring students from Europe (the Netherlands) in contact with opportunities in Asia (Indonesia) and vice versa. For them it was a kickstart of their (social) career, for me it was personal development and an expansion and deepening of my knowledge and network which eventually led to the creation of Asia Consulting.

Looking at the history of us Homo Sapiens, I see that chances for survival are considerably higher when working together with others. Our goals in life must therefore be greater than just ourselves. A unique thing about us humans is that we are able to dream, and by combining our dreams with our ability to unite in large groups, we can together turn our dreams into reality.

I have experienced first-hand, the wonderful things people can achieve by working together, and I myself gain an immense amount of energy by facilitating those collaborations. For this reason, I decided to join forces with MDF Training & Consultancy in 2021. By working together with MDF I believe that we can jointly work on our dreams to empower people and to create an impact in the ASEAN region.

My interest in bridging East and West for young people partially derives from my family roots in both the Netherlands and Indonesia. I speak Dutch, English and Indonesian and I excel in environments where freedom and trust go hand in hand and where we support one another to always continue to develop ourselves and others.

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Organisation: MDF Training and Consultancy B.V.
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