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Olaf Koster

Olaf Koster

YEP period 2021 - 2023, batch 22

Young Expert at Safi Sana - Ghana

First position after YEP

Consultant at Evers & Manders Consultants, Netherlands

YEP Role

Project Officer Water Reuse

Olaf will be working as project lead in irrigation water and nutrient recovery for Safisana in Ghana. His role mainly involves the development of a water reuse system that provides irrigation water and recovery of nutrients from wastewater produced by Safisana’s wastewater treatment plant in Accra. The aim of his project is to incorporate wastewater reuse into the circular economic model of Safisana in order to be fully integrated and self-sustaining for food production.

Safisana is a social enterprise whose goal is to provide unique solutions for sanitation and waste recycling in low-income countries. This is done through the use of waste as a resource from a wastewater treatment plant to produce organic fertilizer and energy from biogas. Safisana provides a circular model for waste that improves the health of local communities and generates positive social, economic, and environmental impacts.


  • Integrated Water Resource Management
  • Project Management
  • Climate Change Mitigation
  • Analytical and critical thinking
  • Intercultural communication skills 


Nationality: Dutch


  • MSc Environment with a specialization in Integrated Water Catchment Management (University of Melbourne)
  • BSc International Land and Water Management (Wageningen University)

Experience before YEP

MSc Water Quality Intern, Western Water, Melbourne, Australia (2018)

Led field research and compiled water quality data for a for a catchment and reservoir that provides drinking water for a town in Northeast Victoria study area. Developed a water quality monitoring program for the study area to comply to the newly updated Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

Project Officer Intern, World Soil Information (ISRIC), Wageningen, Netherlands (2016)

Took lead in data analysis from EU funded project iSQAPER partners to identify how key soil quality indicators are affected by soil management practices. Responsible for making all data database conversion friendly and assisting in literature research in order to produce best soil management practices for farmers based on data analysis results.

Water Science Researcher Intern, International Rice Research Institution (IRRI), Los Banos, Philippines (2015-2016)

Conducted field research to collect and analyzed rice water requirements in order to develop tool for irrigation scheduling. Developed a correlation between soil moisture, leaf water potential and canopy temperature through the use of ArcGIS and R.

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Organisation: Safi Sana
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