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Olaf Koster

Olaf Koster

Young Expert at Safi Sana - Ghana
YEP period 2021 - 2023, batch 22

YEP Role

Project Officer Water Reuse

Olaf will be working as project lead in irrigation water and nutrient recovery for Safisana in Ghana. His role mainly involves the development of a water reuse system that provides irrigation water and recovery of nutrients from wastewater produced by Safisana’s wastewater treatment plant in Accra. The aim of his project is to incorporate wastewater reuse into the circular economic model of Safisana in order to be fully integrated and self-sustaining for food production.

Safisana is a social enterprise whose goal is to provide unique solutions for sanitation and waste recycling in low-income countries. This is done through the use of waste as a resource from a wastewater treatment plant to produce organic fertilizer and energy from biogas. Safisana provides a circular model for waste that improves the health of local communities and generates positive social, economic, and environmental impacts.


  • Integrated Water Resource Management
  • Project Management
  • Climate Change Mitigation
  • Analytical and critical thinking
  • Intercultural communication skills 


Nationality: Dutch

Education: Bachelor of Marine Technology, Delft University of Technology. Master Ship and Offshore structures, Delft University of Technology. 

Experience before YEP

With my background in engineering, I have had the opportunity to work in many different roles at Damen Shipyards in a very international context. I started with the general traineeship to broaden my horizon and skillset and then moved to become a Design and Proposal engineer for two different departments. This provides me with both operational experience as an assistant project manager in a ship repair yard, as well as strategic and commercial experience setting up cooperations with shipyards all across the globe and creating Damen’s first digital subscription services. 

The reason for joining the YEP program, however, was an experience still in university, where spent three months in Tanzania as part of the minor program “International Entrepreneurship and Development”  fell in love with East Africa. Ever since then, I have wanted to make a true impact on this continent and I am happy to have started that journey with YEP and ACE. 

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Organisation: Safi Sana
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