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Nancy Kadenyi Chegero

Nancy Kadenyi Chegero

Young Expert at Meta Meta - Kenya
YEP period 2021 - 2023, batch 22

YEP Role

As A young Expert, I am working on Water Productivity Improvement in Practice (WaterPIP) Project. The WaterPIP project aims at supporting projects on the ground in achieving 25% water productivity improvements - making the connection with both proven and innovative solutions but also by supporting and assisting in:

  • Water projects and programs by developing protocols for analysing land and water productivity trends and gaps at project level for improving land and water productivity
  •  Agri-business & IT to provide services to promote and facilitate improving water productivity
  •  Enabling national policies; Through the WaterPIP developed framework, trade-offs between improving biophysical water productivity, financial water productivity, and socio-economic water productivity will be assessed
  •  International upscaling,
  •  Knowledge hubs: Water-PIP will put an emphasis on developing the knowledge and service hubs, and will attempt to reach as many users of the WaPOR database as possible for equipping local service providers

The main objective of Water-PIP is to guide DGIS partner countries and Dutch-funded water projects in WP concepts to reach 25% WP improvement in the agricultural sector using WaPOR. An agricultural system should be developed that is more productive, sustainable, and less vulnerable to climate change. WP and related information should be used for fact-based decision-making to create more benefits and services from water used in agriculture.

More information about the project can be accessed via


  • Teamwork
  • Natural resources management
  • Time management
  • Knowledge sharing
  • interpersonal skills
  • Project management and implementation
  • Strong analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making capabilities
  • Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment


  • Nationality: Kenyan
  • Education: BSc. Environmental Conservation and Natural Resources Management, South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU)

Experience before YEP

  • Research Project and Internship at MetaMeta Kenya; Activities worked on include: research project on socioeconomic importance of roadside tree planting, Fieldwork -data collection (digital data collection using ODK and KoboCollect App) and data analysis using the SPSS program, Preparing and taking part in community training, Community mobilization and sensitization on environmental conservation, Digitized monitoring and evaluation questionnaire to KOBO-collect and Water Resource Users Association (WRUA) capacity building.
  • Domestication of Terminalia brownii Among Smallholder Farmers in Eastern Kenya: A Double Hurdle Approach assessment in Kitui, Embu, Machakos, and Makueni counties at Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI). The key objectives of the assessment were to identify candidate plus trees, the distribution of Terminalia brownii in Embu, Machakos, Makueni, and Kitui County, socio-economic importance and uses of Terminalia brownie in Embu, Machakos, Makueni, and Kitui County, and identify products made from Terminalia.
  • Project monitoring and evaluation
  • Transformative leadership
  • Workshop/conference presentation
  • Stakeholder engagement
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Organisation: Meta Meta
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