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Thijs de Klein

Thijs de Klein

YEP period 2020 - 2022, batch 21

Young Expert at Resilience B.V. - Ethiopia

First position after YEP

Hydrologist at Resilience B.V., the Netherlands

YEP Role

Resilience BV is an international network organization that carries out research and consultancy projects in emerging markets. Moreover, Resilience also initiates and invests in social enterprises to develop market-based solutions for pressing issues. Resilience has offices in Ethiopia, Mozambique, the Netherlands and Rwanda. Until recently, the offices in Ethiopia and Rwanda focused primarily on agribusiness support, horticulture and seed sector development, while the Mozambican office is most active in the field of farmer-led irrigation. To further develop the company’s profile, Resilience aims to integrate the portfolio by combining these different aspects. As an agricultural water management expert with experience in Mozambique, it will be Thijs’ role to add this experience to current projects in Ethiopia and Rwanda, while looking for future opportunities to take on projects and programs which combine these fields. Besides contributing to current projects, he will actively look for opportunities to integrate these pillars in future projects by acquisition and networking.


Thijs has a combined background in hydrology and water management, and is able to analyze water management problems from an integral point of view. He sees the need for an understanding of both the hydrological system and the socio-economical context to come to sustainable solutions. Thijs has fieldwork experience in many different (international) environments (Mozambique, Bolivia, Spain, New Zealand). He has a practical and flexible mindset and enjoys working on the interface between program management and in-field application.

Practical skills:

  • Hydrological modelling
  • GIS processing and analysis
  • Programming in R
  • Languages: Dutch, English, Spanish, Portuguese and German

Nationality: Dutch
Education: MSc Earth & Environment (hydrology & water resources specialization), Wageningen University; BSc International Land and Water Management, Wageningen University 

Experience before YEP

  • Junior consultant hydrology and water management at Resilience BV in Mozambique / the Netherlands
  • Internship at the urban water management department of Witteveen+Bos consultants
  • Internship at the Universidad Mayor de San Simón on soil erosion perceptions and conservation measures in Cochabamba, Bolivia
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Organisation: Resilience B.V.
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