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Mestawet Demessie

Mestawet Demessie

YEP period 2020 - 2022, batch 21

Young Expert at Waterschap Zuiderzeeland - Ethiopia

YEP Role

Project coordination, research, planning, and implementation

  • Assisting the RPM on the Planning coordination and Implementation of the communal and industrial wastewater discharge regulation project.
  • Closely work with all project partners, carrying out work visits to the project site, writing ToRS, coordinating the drafting of ToRS, preparation of visits supporting workshops during visits, and coordinating follow-up of activities.
  • Assist with the overall planning, monitoring of key performance indicators, and progress reporting.

Monitoring pollution

  • Inventory of the needed lab education, reagents, means for sampling, maintenance.
  • Set up a joint (industrial and domestic) wastewater monitoring strategy together with the partner organization.
  • Support the Implementation of this shared monitoring strategy.
  • Support communication and reporting of results to participants, stakeholders, regulators, etc...
  • Coordinate; develop with the team a strategy to map potential pollution sources.
  • (In collaboration with BPMEDD) create advice and implement a means to get the information needs of decision-makers clear.

Assessment and strategy development on regulating pollution.

  • Assessing the current wastewater discharge permit infrastructure of all water administrators.
  • Coordinate, develop, and work together with the hydrology and water quality directorate to develop a strategy and on having successful water quality regulating strategy. (Ao water quality/effluent standards, polluter pays principle awareness creation).

Knowledge Development and Capacity Building;

  • Coordinate and work closely with RPM and the BDA hydrology and water quality directorate on the implementation of the capacity-building program (as per the strategy developed).
  • Co-create (with consortia partners) capacity-building strategy.
  • Organize local work sessions with all Ethiopian partners to bridge the time between two work visits of DWA and to assist the Ethiopian partners in the follow-up of activities and preparation of incoming DWA work visits.
  • Support the local project office to select best practices in CIWWDR and translate this into learning modules/materials.

Interaction with international experts

  • Provide joint training sessions/work visits.
  • Support interaction knowledge exchange and combine activities with other projects.


Able to deal with difficult situations/peoples behaviors

Able to negotiate strategies

Good at understanding people’s needs

Able to work with different software related to hydrology aspects

Good communication skills

Sharing information and knowledge sharing with colleagues



Nationality: Ethiopian


  • MSC, Environmental engineering BSc
  • Water Resource and irrigation management


Experience before YEP

I have been working as a Hydrologist since 2015. Some of the responsibilities I had:

  • Controlling the water resource management throughout the country.
  • Knowing the water potential of the country according to the basins. We knew that we have 12 river basins throughout the country and from this, the 9 are wet basins and the other 3 are dry basins.
  • Controlling the hydrological stations found throughout the country on the basins and we have approximately 459 hydrological gauging stations and also I worked on the data processing dissemination and analysis of all stations on the hydrology and water quality directorate.
  • Using a different database like hydata and we used different telemetric instruments to collect the water level and discharge data.
  • I had the responsibility of selecting sites to establish hydrological gauging stations and establish new hydrological gauging stations.
  • Predicting the flood frequency analysis of the rivers and giving early warning systems for the community.
  • Working on the hydrological modeling systems by applying different software like HMS, WEAP, HECRASetc…
  • Working by integration with the water quality team to know about the physical and chemical parameters of all of the rivers throughout the country.
  • We used different telemetric equipment’s to control the data in the database
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Organisation: Waterschap Zuiderzeeland
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