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Melisa Moreno Moreno

Melisa  Moreno Moreno

Young Expert at Waterschap De Dommel - Colombia
YEP period 2020 - 2022, batch 21

YEP Role

In Colombia there are 32 departments, in each of these departments there is an environmental authority. My YEP position is going to be in one of these environmental authorities called CORPOCALDAS, because it is situated in Caldas department.

The main goal in the YEP position is to participate in the activities of the blue deal project that Corpocaldas has with Dutch Water Authorities, being one of the main activities the adoption of actions to promote the reduction of the levels of contamination of the water resource.


  • Taking decisions based on logic
  • Strong sense of responsibility
  • Practical, sensible, realistic and systematic
  • Loyal
  • Planning and organising


Nationality: Colombian
Education: Environmental Engineering

Experience before YEP

Environmental work resident at CSS Constructures S.A. (CSS Builders) -  May-October 2017. Activities:

  • Development and application of the different programs contained in the Adaptation Plan of the Environmental Guide- Instituto Nacional de Vías- Invías (National Institute of Roads)
  • Management of the environmental authorizations in front of the competent authorities; Corporación Autónoma Regional de Caldas (Regional Autonomous Corporation of Caldas), Ministerio de Ambiente y Desarrollo Sostenible (Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development), Autoridad de Licencias Ambientales (Authority of Environmental Licenses)-ANLA
  • Ensure compliance with legal requirements before Environmental Authorities
  • Coordinate and carry out the activities corresponding to Environmental Compensations of the execution of road projects
  • Conduct training on environmental isuues to all company staff, that helps to mitigate and / or prevent negative environmental impacts
Environmental Engineer at Servicios Ambientales de Caldas (Environmental Services of Caldas ONG) - several months during 2017-2020. Activities:
  • Professionally and technically support the functions of the Subdirection of Environmental Evaluation and Monitoring of the Corporación Autónoma Regional de Caldas (Regional Autonomous Corporation of Caldas)
  • Perform evaluation, monitoring and control actions for users of the water resource
  • Attend the requests associated with the uses water resources
  • Execute campaigns to monitor the discharges of the industrial sector, in order to verify compliance with the guidelines established in current environmental regulations
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Organisation: Waterschap De Dommel
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