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Yesica Velásques Duque

Yesica Velásques Duque

Young Expert at Waterschap De Dommel - Colombia
YEP period 2020 - 2022, batch 21

YEP Role

I will mainly be in charge of a pilot project that seeks to establish and execute a methodology that allows determining the calculation of the environmental flow of the Chinchiná river, based on the evaluation of the hydrological and biological components.  Corpocaldas is the name of the organization for which I will work as a Young Expert. This public corporation is in charge of managing, caring for, and authorizing the sustainable use of natural resources in the department of Caldas.  



Good analytical skills

Ability to work independently, and with a diverse group.

Adaptable to new working environments and operating conditions.



Nationality: Colombian

Education: Biologist (BSc.)


Experience before YEP

I received my bachelor’s degree as a biologist in 2018, since then I have worked with a consultancy taking hydrobiological samples, and simultaneously I have worked with the University of Caldas in an investigation of mammals.

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Organisation: Waterschap De Dommel
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