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Long Nguyen-Tuan Phan

Long Nguyen-Tuan Phan

Young Expert at SNV - Vietnam
YEP period 2020 - 2022, batch 21

YEP Role

The BP project aims to improve the livelihood and quality of life of rural people in Vietnam through exploiting the market and non-market benefits of the domestic biogas plants and sector, thus (1) prevent and diminish the environmental pollution caused by the livestock’s elimination, and (2) provide a clean and affordable energy source for local people hence contribute to protect the forest resource, reduce the use of fossil fuels and GHG emissions. The Young Expert position in this project works in promoting sustainable livestock production and strengthening the biogas market and sector. The project’s outcome refers to SDG 3, 7, 8, 12, 13, and 15.

The position of the Young Expert contributes to the Energy theme as follows:

  • Data analysing: Working closely with data collection team and domain experts, in order to analyse multiple datasets related to biogas potential, big database of installed digester, the influence of unusual events to the project (e.g. Corona virus, holidays)
  • Data visualizing and storytelling: Delivering insights and recommendation based on analysed results in innovative methods (e.g. interactive and sharable dashboard data, animated process map)
  • Data collection: Participating in data collection and management in order to build a comprehensive database for the project that is valuable for further research regarding biodigester disadoption rate, technology trends, and climate change mitigation


  • Programming languages and packages: Python (Pandas, Numpy, Sklearn), R, Matlab, SQL, C++, HTML
  • Data analytics softwares: Tableau (my data visualization gallery), Excel, SPSS
  • Energy modeling softwares: LEAP, TIMES, PVsyst
  • Languages: Vietnamese (Native), English (IELTS 7.0), French (DELF A2), Vietnamese Sign Language (Beginner)

Nationality: Vietnamese

  • Diploma of Global Leadership (Apr – Sep 2020)
    United Nations-mandated University for Peace (UPEACE)
  • Bachelor of Science in Energy (Sep 2014 – Oct 2017)
    University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH)

Experience before YEP

Oct 2019 – Present: Data Analyst in Energy and Climate at Netherlands Development Organization (SNV), Vietnam:

  • Led a team of three to develop a data processing model in Python with an augment analytics approach to replace traditional manual approach, thus avoided completely human errors and save 95% of time needed to process data
  • Developed a Capital Expenditure (CapEx) model for agrivoltaics (APV) system from collected data of 56 suppliers in 6 countries to examine its financial feasibility of dual land use approach from Solar PV in Vietnam
  • Managed, analyzed, and conducted a report on a 17-year program database (180,000 profiles) to determine past and forecast the future trends of biodigester production for potential carbon saving calculation
  • Present findings in various visually attractive means: videos for trends, sharable interactive maps, online monitoring dashboard on Tableau to track the influence of COVID-19 to the program, presentations, and reports
  • Performed technical surveys, onsite and offsite, on 180 households in 27 provinces across Vietnam to identify the social context of APV development, clean-cookstove result, and to calculate the disadoption rate of the biodigester 

Oct 2018 – Present: Co-founder and Director at Green Initiative Social Enterprise (GISE), Vietnam. Founded in 2018, with a mission of creating smart solutions to adapt to modern world environmental and social issues, ultimately supporting the transition toward a healthy and sustainable society (Tax ID: 0108458370):

  • Develop an awards-wining waste-to-energy project that uses the recursive-DBSCAN route-optimization model to collect spent coffee grounds in major beverage chains in Hanoi and transform them into burnable bio-pellet, ultimately reduces climate change impact, and contributes to the circular economy concept
  • Organize social activities to raise community awareness of environmental and climate issues. (Our project interview on national television VTC2 Start-up show [vi] – link)
  • Voluntary provide consulting & training for youth organizations in the environmental and sustainability sectors

Oct 2017 – Aug 2019: Research Assistant & Project Coordinator at Clean Energy and Sustainable Development (CleanED) Laboratory, Vietnam. An international joint laboratory under Energy faculty, University of Science and Technology of Hanoi:

  • Developed a mass and cost (CapEx & OpEx) calculation model for offshore wind turbines to evaluate the financial feasibility when applying direct-drive generator technology (expected to publish in 2021)
  • Develop an energy model with data collected from government ministries and academic institutes based on LEAP – an energy modeling software developed by Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) that generates multiple energy scenarios serving as a reference for further research and policymakers.
  • Assisted research in six other academic studies with two publications on energy planning, policy, and economics.
  • Coordinated four academic projects in collaboration with international research institutes (Cork University – Ireland, University of Stuttgart – Germany), local government agencies, think tanks, and NGOs on renewable energy, environment, and sustainable development.
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Organisation: SNV
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