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Eustakia Milimo Hamuchenje

Eustakia Milimo Hamuchenje

YEP period 2020 - 2022, batch WWX2

Young Expert at WaterWorX - Zambia

First position after YEP

Community Relations Officer at Southern Water and Sanitation Company Limited Zambia

YEP Role

I work as a Community Relations Officer, to assure the good communication between the company and the urban communities and with relevant organisations and institutions such as the local authorities, local health centres and non-governmental organisation (NGOs). I have company and project tasks as follows:

Company Tasks include amongst the others:

  • Collect and analyse socio-economic data on water and sanitation
  • Design and implement marketing, sensitise, educate and information campaigns and programs
  • Design and carry out customer satisfactory surveys
  • Customer and stakeholder engagement

Project Tasks include:

  • Training Coordinator
  • Compiling monthly progress reports
  • Compiling quarterly progress reports
  • Organising monthly project meetings
  • Secretariat for the project meetings
  • Coordinating all theme leaders
  • Coordinating Peer to Peer visits
  • Preparing visitation programs for Short-Term Experts
  • Alignment of the project key performance indicators (KPIs) to the donor recommendations
  • Project monitoring and evaluation of the project activities against set KPIs


  • Social and Behaviour Change Communication
  • Use of Mwater Application
  • Community Needs Assessment
  • Community Mobilisation and Approaches
  • Community and Stakeholder engagement
  • Advocate for Human Water and Sanitation Rights 
  • MS Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Projects
  • Data Collection
  • Training
  • Team Work


Nationality: Zambian
Education: Bachelor of Social Work 

Experience before YEP

I am currently working as Community Relations Officer for Southern Water and Sanitation Company Limited and a training Coordinator for the WaterWorX Project (under Vitens Evidence International (VEI). The tasks are generally to work with the urban poor in implementing water, sanitation & hygiene programs/projects with specific tasks to contribute to program planning, implementation & evaluation of social projects activities with the aim of improving access & coverage to water & sanitation to the urban poor areas. I am also a Trainer of Trainers; I have conducted training in Behavioral Change, WASH, mWater Application, Leadership and Managing yourself.

Worked for Chisekesi Rural Health Centre as a Psychosocial Counselor was doing Pre and Post counselling on HIV/AIDS testing, Sensitisation on health and nutrition matters to antenatal mothers, Facilitating at Youth Friendly Corner on Adolescent Reproductive Health.

I also worked for Matero After-Care Centre and Matero Main Clinic as a Social Worker Trainee was responsible for assessment and made recommendations over some cases of different clients and pre and Post counselling for HIV/AIDS voluntary testing respectively.


Email Twitter LinkedIn Skype
Facebook: eustakiamilimo.hamuchenje, Instagram: eustakiamilimo
Organisation: WaterWorX
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