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Karen Bueno Zabala

Karen Bueno Zabala

Young Expert at WaterWorX - Colombia
YEP period 2020 - 2022, batch Tm2

YEP Role

In Colombia, the WaterWorkX programme seeks to guarantee the availability and sustainable management of water for the populations in the service area of ​​Acuavalle S.A. E.S.P. The above will be achieved by strengthening through Vitens - Evides International, the self-sustainability of Acuavalle S.A. E.S.P. as a water operator, both improving the operational and financial areas, as well as the access and reliability of the water supply for all; Including socially disadvantaged neighborhoods.


My role as Young Expert is to support the Dutch short-term experts in their visits mainly as a translator, in order to allow the trainings to be understood by the members of the local company. Additionally, I will support Dutch experts with collect information, analyzing and present to the members and other companies to get our goal 



  • Planning and executing activities
  • Willing to learn new things
  • Practical and realistic


Nationality: Colombian
Education: Bachelor of Sanitary Engineer, masters in Sanitary and Environmental Engineering and candidate for a doctorate in energy systems


Experience before YEP

  • Professional in Acuavalle S.A. E.S.P.: operational area, quality of drinking water in the treatment plants
  • Research projects on: the treatment of wastewater from fish farms to avoid contamination of surrounding water sources, the processes of water treatment plants and the use of membranes in the reincorporation of agro-industrial waste back into the industrial production processes
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Organisation: WaterWorX
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