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Sara Groenendijk

Sara Groenendijk

YEP period 2014 - 2016, batch 1

Young Expert at Meta Meta - Ethiopia

First position after YEP

Coach at own company ADEY in Ethiopia

YEP Role

I worked as a Young Expert on the establishment and management of a Climate Innovation Centre (CIC) in Ethiopia on behalf of the Dutch organisation MetaMeta. This CIC was one of the first in a global network of CICs. The CIC provided a country‐driven approach to dealing with climate change and supported the government of Ethiopia’s Climate Resilience Green Economy (CRGE) strategy.
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I have a passion for ecological as well as for socio-economic development issues. I have knowledge and experience in environmental assessment, climate change, development of knowledge products, PM&E, reporting and proposals writing, and in quantitative and qualitative research. I am interested in facilitating interactive group processes and mobilising people.  I am proactive, flexible, and committed. I seek challenging and dynamic environments where I have the opportunity to continuously develop myself.



Nationality: Dutch
Education: Advanced Masters in International Development (AMID) at the Centre for International Development Issues (CIDIN) of the Radboud University of Nijmegen; Masters in Development and Rural Innovation at the Wageningen University and Research Centre; Bachelors in Biology at the Utrecht University, all in the Netherlands.


Experience before YEP

I worked as an environmental assessment officer at the Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment (EA), facilitating an expert working group tasked to advice on an integrated development plans. Furthermore, I worked on setting up tailor-made advices, providing training on EA related issues, and elaborating several knowledge products. Earlier, I worked as a programme and policy officer on climate change at Oxfam Novib; as a programme officer at Mensen met een Missie; and as a teacher assistant at several subject given by the Wageningen and Utrecht Universities. I have field experience in Brazil, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Nepal and Suriname.

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Organisation: Meta Meta
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