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James Kisekka

James Kisekka

YEP period 2014 - 2016, batch 2

Young Expert at Rain Foundation - Uganda

First position after YEP

Partner at Aidenvironment and independent consultant in Uganda

YEP Role

My position during YEP was a “project officer”. I was responsible for research and project development with a specific emphasis on the ecological and environmental component of rainwater harvesting; project coordination, monitoring and evaluation; fundraising and acquisition. Click here for more information about my project.



I am a dynamic person keen to use my competencies, skills, creativity and experience to perform tasks that can contribute to livelihood improvement through sustainable management of natural resources. My skill-set stretches from general natural resource management planning, to research and data management, professional writing, policy analysis, and environmental education and awareness.



Nationality: Ugandan
Education: I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Forestry and I am currently finalizing my Master in Forestry


Experience before YEP

Between mid 2010 and early 2014, I provided freelance consultancy services and also worked on research projects in natural resource management, forestry, biodiversity, agriculture, ecology, renewable energy, community-natural resource interactions, REDD+ and PES.

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Organisation: Rain Foundation
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