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Brent Elemans

Brent Elemans

Young Expert at Pondera Consult - Indonesia
YEP period 2020 - 2022, batch 19

YEP Role

On behalf of Pondera Consult and as Young Expert, I work as Business Developer Renewable Energy in Jakarta, Indonesia. Currently most of the Indonesian Islands’ power supply is generated with fossil fuel powered power plants and generators. To comply with the Paris agreement, the Indonesian government is implementing the following National Energy Policy: „In the year 2025 the role of New Energy and Renewable Energy is at least 23% and in 2050 at least 31%”. In 2015 this percentage was only 6.2% and meanwhile the energy demand is rising every year with almost 5%.


As business developer I work together with my Indonesian and Dutch colleagues to pursue opportunities for the realisation of new wind energy and solar PV projects. This means finding suitable locations, determine the technical and financial feasibility, close contracts with governments and private parties and eventually managing the construction of the project. One of the projects I am working on is the development of a small scale windfarm on the Indonesian island Sumba. For more information on this project, see:



I have a background in engineering whereas I studied civil engineering at Delft University of Technology. This means I have the capability to understand (new) technology quickly and able to speak the language of engineers. During my Masters in construction management and in my job as consultant, I experienced the process side of technical projects. Especially the legal arrangements to be made between the parties involved, in the form of tenders and contracts, became a passion for me.


As a person I am goal-oriented in almost everything I do. So when I stated I wanted to move to Indonesia in early 2019, I was willing to put much effort in achieving this goal. One year later it is actually happening! This same approach I am now using in making the world a bit better by pushing our transition to renewable energy. 



Nationality: Dutch

  • BSc. Civil Engineering, Delft University of Technology
  • MSc. Construction Management and Engineering, Delft University of Technology 

Experience before YEP

After my studies I worked at the consultancy firm AT Osborne for almost three years. I mainly worked on the realisation of infrastructure projects, among which the Noord-Zuid metro line in Amsterdam. One year before YEP, I switched to Pondera Consult to work on renewable energy projects and to pursue the opportunity of working in Indonesia. 

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Organisation: Pondera Consult
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