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Ronia Tandukar

Ronia Tandukar

Young Expert at One to Watch B.V. - Nepal
YEP period 2020 - 2022, batch 19

YEP Role

My role as a Young Expert is Business Analyst:

  • Part of investment management team- create and develop investment proposals and term sheet for Investors
  • Management and reporting of the investee companies in line with the fund mandate
  • Consolidate and analyse financial data in consideration with company’s goals and financial targets
  • Support investee companies in forming their annual forecasts
  • Support the companies to streamline their operations with a focus on their project planning, project implementation, budgeting, human resource planning etc.
  • Support the companies in forming effective and transparent governance


  • Ability to work in a dynamic international team
  • Good communication skills
  • Financial modelling

Nationality: Nepali
Education: Masters in Business Administration - Finance


Experience before YEP

I pursued my Masters simultaneously (Evening MBA) while working full time for One To Watch. As the company is involved in deploying foreign investments in small and growing business in Nepal, before YEP, I was involved in cross sectorial fund by name NIIC. I worked in collaboration with the existing investee companies followed by monitoring and determining their financial and business status. I was also involved in coordinating legal procedures required to get the approval from government officials to bring in the investment.  

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Organisation: One to Watch B.V.
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