The main goal of the Young Expert Programmes (YEP), consisting of YEP Water, YEP Agrofood, YEP Energy and YEP Tailor-made, is to offer young Dutch and local professionals the opportunity to take their first steps in an international environment. They are employed through Dutch organisations in a number of eligible countries. The programmes aim to rejuvenate the water, agrofood and renewable energy sectors and ensure the continued availability of expertise for these sectors.

The YEP Programmes are carried out jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP), the Food & Business Knowledge Platform and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.


Join YEP! Information Events March 26 and March 30

Two events for new organisations: Presentation of YEP Programmes and guidance through YEP's project submission process.

Organisations: deadline project submission

Deadline for submitting project proposals by organisations (batch 20):

1 March 2020

Candidates: apply for YEP positions

New YEP positions will be available on 23 March

Preparatory training course

Training of the 20th batch starts on 15 June

Introduction video YEP

YEP in a nutshell: the introduction video about YEP Programmes is now online.
Every year we subsidise the placement of 72 young professionals
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Our Young Experts

Biniyam Mengesha Teklu - YEP Agrofood at ASA - Africa Sustainable Aquaculture B.V. in Ethiopia

Click here for an overview of all YEP projects at Akvo RSR

Lou van Reemst

Young Expert at African Clean Energy - Uganda

YEP period 2020 - 2021, batch 19

YEP Role

Being part of YEP#19 means I am in the first batch in the clean energy field. This year (2020) I am working for AfricanClean Energy (ACE) in Uganda. ACE makes a solar/thermal hybrid energy system providing off-grid households with clean cooking and electricity for light and charging a phone or radio.


I am working as a Field Office Manager. This means setting up a new office in Western Uganda in Fort Portal. In Fort Portal I am the regional manager and in control of project management, hiring and training of employees and stimulate sales and business development. 



  • Experience of working in EA: Kenya and Tanzania
  • Good communication skills
  • Practical and analytical
  • Motivate and enthusiast others 
  • Design thinking and using visual skills to convey messages

Nationality: Dutch

  • Bachelor Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
  • Master Integrated Product Design at Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Experience before YEP

During my studies I have done an internship in Nairobi, Kenya on the business development of a start-up that makes affordable greenhouses for small-holder farmers. 


Between my bachelors and masters, I’ve lived and worked in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. In Yogyakarta I was head of design for a start-up called ETEAQ that made accessories for mobile devices made from recycled materials. During this year I was responsible for the complete product development, production set-up but also visual branding and communication between the different stakeholders involved. 


For my master thesis I researched different possibilities of using waste glass for building materials for the island Zanzibar, Tanzania. The end-result was a recipe for the ‘bottle | brick’: a glass waste concrete mixture suitable for the island, used to make affordable and durable bricks. A fit for the local context. After my graduation I went to Tanzania to be the general manager of foundation bottle-up and scale-up the ‘bottle | brick’ project. 


After a year in Zanzibar I worked for the start-up Ecosystem Kickstarter, researching and developing a foldable and biodegradable structure that is used as erosion prevention in Sub-Sahara Africa. Through the usage of embedded seeds in the structure these structures are meant for places where sustainable land management lacks and top soil needs to be protected. 

YEP Energy


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