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Marie Sandrine Dusabe

Marie Sandrine Dusabe

History: Young Expert at Alterra - Burundi
YEP period 2015 - 2017, batch 6

Position after YEP

Looking for a job after ending integration process, Belgium

YEP Role

My role as a junior researcher at Alterra was to develop low and sustainable techniques and practices in climate smart land and water management in agriculture. I contributed in applying my results in Alterra projects in Burundi according to the socio-economic context of Burundian farmers and in strengthening the cooperation between projects in agriculture field in Burundi.

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I have skills in water management, irrigation, environment, water supply, soil pollution, waste water treatment. I have also skills in relationship, communication and I am flexible in learning new skills.



Nationality: Burundian
Education: Bachelor in water and environment engineering at International Institute for water and environment engineering (2IE), Master in water and sanitation at 2IE


Experience before YEP

  • November 2014- February 2015: Engineer in water and sanitation at WSA (Water and Sanitation for Africa) in Burundi
  • February 2014- May 2014: Internship in waste solid management at CTB/ BURUNDI
  • May 2013- July 2013: Internship on agricultural water management and climate change at the International Institute for water and environment engineering (2IE)
  • July 2012-August 2012: Internship on strategic planning of rural sanitation in BURUNDI at GIZ/BURUNDI
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Organisation: Alterra
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