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Zebulon Spruijt

Zebulon Spruijt

History: Young Expert at We Consult - Mozambique
YEP period 2019 - 2021, batch 18

First position after YEP

Hydrologist at WE Consult, Uganda

YEP Role

As a hydrogeologist, I work for WE Consult Mozambique. I am involved in both technical and management tasks within projects. Technical tasks include amongst others:

  • Groundwater and surface water assessments
  • Geological analysis and geophysical surveying
  • Test pumping and water sampling
  • GIS and mapping

Management tasks include:

  • Acquisition and proposal writing
  • Development of work plan and budget
  • Organisation of personnel
  • Contact with third parties (e.g. local governments, NGOs, institutional organisations)

I am responsible for assisting, executing and co-managing projects according to the work plan and budget in terms of quality, time, expenses, deliverables, organization and safety. 



  • Multidisciplinary background in hydrogeology and surface water hydrology, both in the Netherlands and abroad 
  • Enthusiastic and curious to understand and learn from (technical) processes and the people behind it 
  • Connecting people and looking for opportunities to collaborate 
  • Languages: Dutch, English, French, Portuguese (in progress)


Nationality: Dutch
Education: BSc in Soil, Water and Atmosphere at Wageningen University, MSc in Earth and Environment, specialisation Hydrology and water resources at Wageningen University


Experience before YEP

  • 2017: MSc thesis on bed forms in the Kapuas River, Kalimantan, Indonesia including field research
  • 2018: MSc internship for Dutch water board Aa en Maas in Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso. Within the Faso Koom project I worked on a water supply and demand issue, including designing the water balance.
  • June 2018 - November 2019: project engineer for Dutch consultancy firm Witteveen+Bos. As a hydrologist I was involved in numerous water quantity and water system design projects, mainly in the Netherlands. 
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Organisation: We Consult
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