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Juliette Eulderink

Juliette Eulderink

Young Expert at TU Delft - Vietnam
YEP period 2019 - 2021, batch 18

YEP Role

As part of the Young Experts Programme I work in Hanoi, Vietnam, as a TU Delft water professional for an educational capacity building project. Vietnam is facing major climate issues and requires many well-educated (water) professionals to deal with these challenges. Our Orange Knowledge Programme “Climate Proof Vietnam” project aims to improve educational and organizational capacity at partner universities in Hanoi in the fields of water and climate change. Additionally, we try to stimulate entrepreneurship amongst staff and students, and create links with local and international water companies and institutes. In my role as resident project manager, I am responsible for the coordination of all the project related activities on the ground. My activities include sharing knowledge on water resource management and hydrology with the students and teaching staff, developing course material, organizing and giving trainings, supervising (Vietnamese and Dutch) student research and carrying out as well as setting up staff research. Besides this I have an advisory role and carry out local project management tasks.



  • Water resource management 
  • Hydrology
  • Environmental flow analysis
  • Hydrological fieldwork trainings
  • Research & education

Nationality: Dutch
Education: MSc in Watermanagement (Specialisation Water resource management & Hydrology) from TU Delft; BSc in Civil Engineering from TU Delft


Experience before YEP

Before YEP I did multiple water related projects abroad and in the Netherlands. The highlights are as follows. During my bachelor in civil engineering I did research on prioritizing structural problems affecting water use efficiency and water saving in Colombia. This included surveying and doing fieldwork in Cali, Colombia. In 2018 I completed an internship at Ecorys on the operationalisation of flood damage quantification models for economic consultancy services. During my Master degree I travelled to Myanmar to research the impact of hydrodam operations on the ecohydrology of rivers in Myanmar. For this, I made use of the Wflow model and environmental flow analyses. 

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Organisation: TU Delft
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