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Tim van der Linden

Tim van der Linden

YEP period 2019 - 2021, batch 18

Young Expert at aQysta - Malawi

First position after YEP

Country Director Malawi at aQysta B.V., Malawi

YEP Role

As Country Manager of aQysta Malawi (company) I’m responsible for the daily running’s of our office based in the South of Malawi. aQysta is well known for its innovative irrigation tools such as the Barsha Pump. Related to the Barsha pump we are running 2 funded projects while we are trying to be self-sustainable within a few years. Apart from irrigation tools, we are looking into market linkage, agricultural practices and creating of impact to Malawian small holder farmers. 

As the country manager my role and targets are very diverse. I’m end-responsible for the accounts, sales and marketing, but spend also a few days each week on product and program development. The combination of field and office work, is something I really admire. 



  • Good overall knowledge of the local culture and structure
  • Being innovative and creative
  • Management and networking 
  • Logistics and planning


Nationality: Dutch
Education: I have achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work in The Netherlands


Experience before YEP

After graduating (2011) of my Bachelor’s Degree in The Netherlands, I decided to move to Malawi, where I ended up working in the private sector. In Malawi I have worked in management positions for several SME’s with up to 100 local employees. In November 2019 I got engaged with aQysta Malawi. 

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Organisation: aQysta
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