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Emily ter Steeg

Emily ter Steeg

YEP period 2019 - 2021, batch 18

Young Expert at Resilience B.V. - Rwanda

First position after YEP

PhD candidate at Seed and Plantum & Consultant at Seed, Netherlands

YEP Role

Resilience is an international network organisation that carries out research and consultancy projects in emerging markets. Moreover, the company also initiates and invests in social enterprises to develop market-based solutions for pressing issues. Emily will work on three consultancy projects for Resiliencia Rwanda, namely: TRAIDE, Solynta and Nazava Water Filters. TRAIDE is the trade facilitation program of the Netherlands Embassy in Rwanda. It aims for inclusive and sustainable growth of the Rwandan economy with a specific focus on the agricultural sector. Furthermore, she is also working with private and public stakeholders to support the launch of Solynta hybrid potato seed in several African countries. Solynta’s hybrid seed can strengthen food security transforming the potato value chain. Finally, she will work on the introduction of Nazava water filters in Rwanda, which can lead to improved access to clean drinking. All projects relate to different Water and/or Agrofood themes and SDGs. In this way, the project portfolio allows the Young Expert to build expertise in sustainable development across the YEP themes.



Emily has great affinity with agribusiness and sustainable development. She has strong research capabilities, a multidisciplinary background in economics and development, extensive international experience and an entrepreneurial mind-set.

  • Monitoring and evaluation of development projects in emerging markets focused on the agrifood sector, smallholder farmers and food security
  • Qualitative and quantitative research capabilities 
  • Relevant experience with public-private partnerships and Corporate Social Responsibility 
  • Team player with strong communication and presentation skills



Nationality: Dutch
Education: MSc International Political Economy (London School of Economics and Politics), MA International Security (Sciences Po Paris) and BA Liberal Arts (University College Utrecht)


Experience before YEP

  • M&E intern at World Food Program in Dushanbe, Tajikistan
  • Legal research assistant for the School of Human Rights Research in Utrecht
  • Intern for NGO focused on child-development in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Junior Consultant Public-Private Partnerships in Amsterdam
  • Netherlands-Asia Honours Summer School in Hong Kong
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Organisation: Resilience B.V.
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