The main goal of the Young Expert Programmes (YEP), consisting of YEP Water, YEP Agrofood, YEP Energy and YEP Tailor-made, is to offer young Dutch and local professionals the opportunity to take their first steps in an international environment. They are employed through Dutch organisations in a number of eligible countries. The programmes aim to rejuvenate the water, agrofood and renewable energy sectors and ensure the continued availability of expertise for these sectors.

The YEP Programmes are carried out jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP), the Food & Business Knowledge Platform and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.


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Our Young Experts

Ada Chai - YEP Water at One to Watch B.V. in Myanmar

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Niels van den Berge

Where is he now? Co-founder at NextBlue, the Netherlands

Young Expert at Max Foundation - Bangladesh

YEP period 2014 - 2016, batch 2

YEP Role

I was employed as Manager Monitoring & Evaluation. Together with our Max Foundation colleagues and Bangladeshi partner organizations, I worked on developing innovative tools and methods for project monitoring. Our aim was to move from traditional output monitoring (for example: number of latrines built) to innovative results monitoring (for example: reduction of water borne diseases). This was a challenging, interesting and exciting task.


Our overall objective was to reduce child mortality through an integrated WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) approach. Max-WASH inter alia includes promotion of hygienic sanitation, safe water options, hand washing, healthy diets and sexual and reproductive health rights.

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  • I am creative. Give me a difficult dilemma and I will come up with an innovative idea
  • I like challenges. Unexpected, unusual and tough tasks motivate and inspire me. No business as usual for me
  • I am committed. I work hard to achieve results and I never give up
  • Communication is my passion. I like meeting new people, learning new languages and visiting new places
  • I am flexible. I believe in continuous reflection, learning and adjustment of plans
  • Pitfall: Being a creative and flexible ‘challenges-hunter’ has many advantages. However, I should avoid losing track of long term goals and targets

Nationality: Dutch
Education: BSc in Forest and Nature Conservation. @Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Graduation year: 2011. Certificate (Postgraduate, 30 ECTS) in International Development Practice. @Harper Adams University in the United Kingdom. Graduation year: 2014.


Experience before YEP

“The best way to find yourself is to put yourself at the service of others”, Mahatma Ghandi.
That is what I did before YEP. I worked with VSO, local farmers and rural communities on solutions for water scarcity in Bangladesh. We inter alia built community-based rainwater harvesting plants, replaced water-intensive rice cultivation by fruit nursery and replaced Eucalyptus trees by more water efficient local tree species. Last year I probably learned more than in the previous 28 years of my life. After one year I was far from ready to leave Bangladesh. I am thankful to YEP and Max Foundation for giving me the chance to continue contributing to both the development of Bangladesh as well as to my own development.


Before coming to Bangladesh I used to be a politician for the Dutch Green Party (GroenLinks). I inter alia worked as a policy advisor in the European and Dutch Parliament and had the honor to serve as a Member of Parliament in the Netherlands. As a policy maker I worked on different issues, including legislation on water, agriculture and environment. In 2012 I decided to change my path of life after more than a decade of politics.


Other experience:

  • Offering shelter and juridical support to refugees in the Netherlands
  • Teaching English and organizing cultural activities in a Palestinian refugee camp
  • Bee keeping & farming
  • Writing opinion articles for newspapers
  • Organizing conferences, peaceful demonstrations and other advocacy activities
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Friday, November 7, 2014
YEP video challenge
Great news. I just heard that Jonne, Sabrina, Irfan and I won the [YEP]( Video Challenge. The Young Expert Programme Water (YEP) asked all trainees to make a video about their YEP more

Monday, October 27, 2014
Midterm Evaluation
First of all I owe you my apologies for not being active on RSR since a long time. I got carried away by all exciting opportunities and tasks in our project and I forgot to communicate about it. more

MTE Team, MF Board Member Margot, MF colleague Kazal and myself.

Monday, March 3, 2014
Back in BanGLADesh
The [YEP]( training gave me a lot of motivation, new knowledge and inspiration. I'm glad to be back in BanGLADesh to apply and use all of that. This is going to more

Left: Country Director Riad Mahmud visiting a local Womens Water Platform